Infertility And Dietetics

Infertility and dietetics

“Your reproductive organs such as ovaries including the fat cells helps in regulating the estrogen, that tends to affect ovulation. If you are underweight, you may not be producing enough estrogen, and if you’re obese or overweight, you might be producing too much of it. ”

Good Nutrition is a very important component of reproduction and pregnancy. Reproductive organs must be in a healthy state to begin and maintain a pregnancy to its full term. For more information on the right nutritional supplements kindly consult India IVF Clinic which is the best fertility clinic in Delhi. Dr Richika is one of the expert infertility specialists who is one of the best infertility specialist doctors in Gurgaon and Delhi. She guides her patients and is very helpful in making them conceive the baby. The requirement for right nutrients remains at every stage of reproduction and one of the best sources of these nutrients is from food. Supplementation is necessary only these nutrients requirements are not met through food.

According to various studies, your nutritional habits may have a very big impact on both male and female fertility. One should maintain the normal body weight, which is quite effective in the prevention of infertility occurring due to ovulatory disorders. Being Underweight and, to a great extent, obesity, is highly related to the heightened risk of infertility. Insulin resistance can also impair ovulation in certain females. Right intake of monounsaturated fatty acids, obtained from vegetable fats, and avoiding the use of trans isomers of unsaturated fatty acids largely present in processed crisps, fast-foods cakes and sweets, powdered soups and hard margarine, may be effective in the opposition of infertility in females.

Using dietary components that contains iron and folic acid, choosing a plant source rather than animal sources of proteins, a decrease in the glycemic load of the diet is also pretty beneficial. Avoiding the deficiency of vitamin B12 and taking its supplementation is also an important step in treating early miscarriages. Sufficient intake of antioxidants also is quite helpful in female reproductive functions.

Free radical has a vital role to play in the development of male factor infertility. It has been found out that decent intake or supplementation with antioxidants is important for its restraint and treatment. Nutrients like zinc, folic acid, and selenium act beneficially on sperm quality. A well-balanced diet hence is an important step towards the prevention of infertility in both sexes.

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