Training Programme for Embryologists

Basic course of 4 weeks. Trainees should possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Biotechnology or Biological Sciences, and should be familiar with culture techniques and have experience in tissue handling. A minimum requirement of basic working English is required.

It is not recommended for experienced IVF Embryologists looking to refresh or update their knowledge.


Week 1

  • Introduction to lab procedures, equipment and apparatus, consumables, handling of pipettes and pumps
  • Aliquoting, aseptic technique, drawn-out pipettes
  • Sperm preparation: assessment, cryopreservation, preparation for IVF and ICSI

Week 2

  • Stimulation protocols
  • Forecast and set-up for cases
  • Oocyte retrieval, grading of oocytes and insemination
  • ICSI: Alignment of injection needles and immobilisation of sperm
  • Other micromanipulation techniques

Week 3

  • ICSI (Continued)
  • Embryo cleavage, blastocysts, and culture medium
  • Embryo selection and replacement
  • Cryopreservation

Week 4

  • Setting up an IVF Lab
  • ICSI (Continued)
  • Quality control and maintenance, record-keeping
  • Troubleshooting
  • 1-day attachment to an IVF Lab

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