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This process includes the reconstruction and repair of the vagina. Various vaginal medical issues can be treated with the help of vaginoplasty including vaginal tissue rupture and pelvic floor disease complications.

Vaginoplasty is also performed for the construction of a transgender vagina ie; gender change. It is a surgical procedure that recreate vagina via several techniques.

Who can opt of vaginoplasty?

  • The woman who has given vaginal childbirth, due to its impact vagina has lost its tightness.
  • The woman who requires vaginal reconstruction, if vaginal excision has happened because of some chronic disease such as cancer.
  • The person who desires to change their gender to female.
  • The woman has some genetic defects which restricted the development of her genitals.


Proceedings of vaginoplasty

  • Detailed discussion about the benefits, risks, procedures, and post-surgical care.
  • Some physical examinations to confirm and check your medical history.
  • The transgender woman who wants her gender affirmation can undergo vaginoplasty. It is required for them to undergo genital hair removal procedures.

Procedures of vaginoplasty:

The procedure to repair injuries after vaginal childbirth:

  • Removal of loosen or extra skin
  • Stitching of loose tissues of vagina to reconstruct the tightness
  • Reduction of the widen size of the vagina.

The procedure to repair congenital defects:

  • Reconstruction of functional vagina
  • Excision of extra tissues and abnormal growths.

The procedure of gender affirmation:

  • The male gentelia is partially excised and configured into vagina.
  • Penis and scrotum skin is used for construction of vaginal canal and labia.

Benefits associated with vaginoplasty:

  • Improved self-confidence and love making satisfaction are the major benefits of vaginoplasty.

General understandings:

The woman who underwent vaginoplasty may recover in a few weeks or it may take a few months depending upon the complexity of the surgery. Care instructions are also given by the surgeon depending on the complexity of the surgery.

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