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    Best IVF Centre in Delhi

    If you’ve found yourself in the bewildering maze of infertility treatments, you’re likely bombarded with endless options, opinions, and jargons. In such a conundrum, what you need is a compass to guide you, a haven where you’ll find not just top-of-the-line medical expertise but also a warm human touch. Welcome to India IVF Clinic in Delhi, your sanctuary for the journey towards parenthood. Let’s explore this haven in-depth.

    Who Should Look For IVF Center in Delhi?

    Wondering if IVF is the right treatment for you? Here’s a quick list:

    • Couples with unexplained infertility
    • Women with fallopian tube issues
    • Men with low sperm count or motility
    • Couples who have failed other fertility treatments
    • Couples with Genetic Concerns: IVF allows for pre-implantation genetic screening if you have a history of genetic disorders
    • Women with Ovulation Disorders: Conditions like PCOS can make natural conception challenging.
    • Men with Antibody Issues: Sometimes, men produce antibodies that attack their sperm, making conception difficult.
    • Couples with Multiple Failed IUIs: IVF is often the next step iIVF is often the next step if intrauterine insemination (IUI) hasn’t worked
    • Age-Related Infertility: Women over 35 and men over 40 may find IVF more successful than natural conception

    If you are in any of these categories, India IVF Clinic in Delhi could be your next stop.

    India IVF Clinic Delhi

    What Precautions Need to Be Taken Before Opting for IVF Treatment in Delhi?

    IVF treatments? Hold your horses!

    • Consult with a specialist: Always consult before you leap.
    • Lifestyle Adjustments: Think of it like preparing the soil before you plant a seed.
    • Financial Planning: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Plan your budget.
    • Mental Health: It’s a taxing process. Consider counseling or stress-management techniques.
    • Vitamin Supplements: Both partners may be advised to take specific vitamins to improve fertility.
    • Thorough Screening: Additional medical tests may be necessary for both partners.
    • Avoid Excessive Exercise: Too much physical stress can affect fertility.
    • Legal Counselling: Understand the legal aspects, especially when considering options like surrogacy or donor eggs/sperm.

    How to Select the Best IVF Centre in Delhi?

    Choosing an IVF center in Delhi—or anywhere else—is not a decision to be made lightly. It’s a crucial part of your journey to parenthood. Here’s a pointwise guide to help you make an informed choice.

    1. Success Rates
    • Study Historical Data: Investigate the clinic’s success rates for your specific age group and fertility issue. Higher than-average success rates are a good indicator of clinic quality.
    • Live Birth Rates vs. Pregnancy Rates: Make sure you compare live birth rates and not just pregnancy rates, as they can differ.
    • Multiple Pregnancy Rates: Ask about their rates of multiple pregnancies, as twin pregnancies can be riskier than singleton pregnancies.
    • Transparent Reporting: Ensure the clinic provides transparent and accurate reporting of their success rates.
    • Comparative Analysis: Compare the clinic’s success rates with national and international benchmarks. Look for consistency in success over several years.

    Male fertility Tests IndiaIVF

    2. Experience and Expertise

    • Credentials of the IVF Doctor: Check the qualifications and experience of the doctors. A reproductive endocrinologist is usually the most qualified.
    • Track Record: Ask how many procedures the clinic performs annually and what types of IVF they specialize in.
    • Team Quality: It’s not just the doctor but the quality of the entire team, including embryologists, counselors, and nursing staff, that counts.
    • Reviews and Ratings: Read up on patient testimonials, reviews, and ratings, both on their website and third-party review sites.
    • Continuous Learning: The best clinics ensure their team is updated with the latest techniques and treatments.

    3. Technology and Facilities

    • Advanced Lab: Check if the clinic has a state-of-the-art lab with advanced technology like time-lapse embryo monitoring.
    • Certifications: Confirm that the clinic has the necessary technological and lab accreditation.
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the clinic is a reflection of their professionalism.
    • Equipment Upkeep: Ask how often lab equipment is updated and maintained.
    • Comprehensive Services: Look for clinics that offer a range of services like ICSI, PGD, surrogacy, etc., under one roof.

    4. Patient Care and Support

    • Initial Consultation: Your initial meeting with the doctor should make you feel informed, comfortable, and heard.
    • Counselling Services: Access to psychological support can be crucial during the emotional IVF process.
    • Customized Treatment Plans: Each patient is different, so the treatment plans should be personalised.
    • Language Support: If you need to become fluent in the local language, check whether they offer consultation in a language you’re comfortable with.
    • Transparency: Look for transparent communication about the treatment, risks, and costs involved.

    5. Location and Accessibility

    • Accessibility by Public Transport: If you don’t drive, check the availability of public transport options to the clinic.
    • Clinic Timings: Check if the clinic hours are flexible and if they can accommodate your schedule.
    • Emergency Support: The clinic should be reachable in emergencies and provide prompt support.

    How is IVF Different from Other Infertility Treatments?

    Semen Analysis

    • Degree of Control: IVF offers more control over selecting healthy embryos.
    • Duration: IVF usually requires a longer time commitment compared to other treatments.
    • Cost Factor: IVF is often more expensive than other treatments like IUI.
    • Multiple Births: IVF allows for the transfer of multiple embryos, increasing the chance for twins or triplets.
    • Donor Options: IVF allows the use of both donor eggs and sperm.

    How Helpful Our IVF Clinic in Delhi Team is?

    Our team isn’t just about medical degrees; it’s about understanding, compassion, and the genuine desire to turn your dream of parenthood into reality.

    • Dietary Guidance: Our team provides personalized dietary recommendations.
    • Psychological Support: Emotional counseling is part of the package.
    • Regular Updates: Timely information on the stages and status of your treatment.
    • Custom Treatment Plans: No one-size-fits-all approach here.
    • Privacy Assured: Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us.

    Why Should You Choose India IVF Centre in Delhi?

    • High Success Rates: Your dream is our goal!
    • Advanced Technology: The future of fertility treatment is here.
    • Personalized Care: Because every journey is unique.
    • Transparent Billing: No surprise bills at the end of the treatment.
    • Cultural Sensitivity: We understand and respect diverse cultural backgrounds.
    • International Patients: We cater to patients from all over the world.
    • Online Consultations: Can’t make it to the clinic? We offer online appointments.
    • Post-Treatment Care: Our care for you continues even after successful treatment.

    What Is the Success Rate of IVF in Delhi?

    The success rate of IVF treatments can be influenced by manya multitude of factors, such as the patient’s age, the type of infertility, and even the specific clinic or doctor you choose. Here’s a deeper dive into the elements that contribute to IVF success rates:

    1. Age Factor

    • Under 35: Women under 35 generally have higher success rates, often above 60%.
    • 35-40: For women aged 35 to 40, the success rate usually ranges around 55-60%.
    • Above 40: Success rates decrease significantly for women above 40, often dipping below 50-55%.

    2. Type of IVF Procedure

    • Conventional IVF: Generally has a success rate, although it can vary between clinics.
    • IVF with ICSI: This procedure can offer slightly higher success rates, especially in cases of male factor infertility.
    • IVF with Donor Eggs: Usually offers higher success rates due to the utilization of eggs from younger, more fertile donors.

    3. Number of Cycles

    • First Cycle: The success rate during the first cycle is usually lower than for subsequent cycles.
    • Multiple Cycles: Success rates often climb when patients undergo more than one cycle, up to a certain point.

    4. Clinic’s Expertise and Doctor’s Experience

    • Years in Service: Clinics with many years of service often have higher success rates due to their accumulated experience.
    • Technical Capacity: The embryologist’s skill and the lab facilities’ quality can critically influence success rates.
    • Doctor’s Experience: The expertise of the doctor is a pivotal factor. At India IVF Clinic, you’re in expert hands with Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla, who has over 20 years of experience and specializes in difficult cases such as failed IVF, low sperm count, and low egg reserve. Her tenure as Ex AIIMS Delhi adds another layer of credibility to her vast experience.

    5. National vs. Local Rates

    • National Averages: It’s always good to compare a clinic’s success rates with national averages, although individual clinic rates are more relevant.
    • India IVF Clinic’s Prowess: Known for having one of the highest success rates in Delhi, the clinic has a stellar reputation that’s backed by state-of-the-art technology and top-tier medical professionals.

    By understanding these factors, you can better evaluate the likely success of your IVF treatment. When blending high success rates with tremendous expertise, the India IVF Clinic in Delhi—led by the immensely experienced Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla—stands as an excellent choice.

    What is the Cost of IVF in Delhi?

    Cost is often a significant factor when choosing an IVF clinic. It’s essential to understand the breakdown to ensure no hidden charges..

    1. Consultation Fees

    • Initial Consultation: This is the first step and may range between INR 500 to INR 2,000.

    2. Basic IVF Treatment Cost

    • Per Cycle: Costs can range from INR 1.5 lakh to INR 2.5 lakh per cycle.

    3. Additional Procedures

    • ICSI, PGD, etc.: These can add significantly to the basic IVF cost, sometimes by another lakh or more.

    4. Medication Costs

    • Hormonal Injections: These can be expensive and may add an additional amount to the bill, so before starting the treatment, make sure that your package is inclusive of hormonal injections or not.

    5. Miscellaneous Costs

    • Ultrasounds, Blood Tests, etc.: These are often not included in the package and can add up.
    • India IVF Clinic: Renowned for its ethical and transparent pricing. There are no hidden charges, and all costs are communicated upfront. They also offer flexible payment plans, making it easier for the patients.

    Scrotal Ultrasound

    Understanding the success rates and costs associated with IVF treatment in Delhi can help you make a more informed choice. If you’re looking for a clinic combining high success rates and ethical pricing, the India IVF Clinic in Delhi ticks all the boxes.

    Some Advanced Facilities at Our IVF Centre in Delhi

    • Cutting-Edge Labs
    • Comfortable Recovery Rooms
    • Telemedicine Services

    About India IVF Clinic, Delhi

    The journey to parenthood can be an emotional rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs. India IVF Clinic in Delhi is a beacon of hope for couples looking to bring new life into the world. The clinic is not just another IVF center but a sanctuary where dreams of becoming a parent come true. Here’s why India IVF Clinic in Delhi is your best bet for fertility treatments.

    1. Experienced Team Led by a Stellar Doctor

    • Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla: The clinic is headed by Dr. Richika, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She specializes in treating difficult cases like failed IVF, low sperm count, and low egg reserve.
    • Multi-disciplinary Team: Apart from skilled doctors, the clinic boasts embryologists, nurses, and counselors, all experts in their respective fields.
    • Specialized Training: The medical staff undergoes regular training to keep abreast of the latest technologies and procedures.

    2. Cutting-edge Technology and Facilities

    • State-of-the-art Lab: The clinic features a lab fitted with the latest technology, including time-lapse embryo monitoring.
    • Certified Excellence: The clinic holds various accreditations, ensuring the highest standard of quality and safety.
    • Comprehensive Services: From ICSI to PGD, the clinic offers a full spectrum of fertility treatments, all under one roof.

    3. High Success Rates

    • Impressive Track Record: The clinic is renowned for its high success rates in IVF treatments, standing out as one of Delhi’s most successful IVF centers.
    • Personalized Treatment: The clinic considers each patient’s unique circumstances, tailoring treatments for the highest likelihood of success.

    4. Ethical and Transparent Pricing

    • No Hidden Costs: One of the clinic’s hallmarks is its ethical and transparent pricing, ensuring that patients are fully aware of the financial aspects before they embark on their treatment journey.
    • Flexible Payment Plans: Understanding the financial burden of fertility treatments, the clinic offers flexible payment options.

    5. Patient-Centric Approach

    • Holistic Care: Beyond medical treatments, India IVF Clinic provides emotional and psychological support through counseling services.
    • Tailored Programs: The clinic offers customized treatment plans to meet each patient’s specific needs, ensuring personalized care.
    • Open Communication: The staff and doctors are always available for consultations, ensuring that patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout their fertility journey.

    6. Accolades and Recognition

    • Awards and Certifications: The clinic has received numerous awards, testifying to its excellence in fertility treatment.
    • Star Ratings: On platforms like Just Dial, Google, and Practo, the clinic has garnered excellent ratings, underscoring its reputation for quality service.
    • Patient Testimonials: The glowing reviews and success stories from previous patients add another layer of credibility to the clinic.

    Choosing the right IVF center is crucial for your fertility journey, and India IVF Clinic in Delhi stands as the epitome of quality and trust. With its blend of cutting-edge technology, medical expertise, and patient-centered care, the clinic sets the standard for fertility treatments in Delhi. 🌟


    When you’re ready to embark on the journey of parenthood, look no further than India IVF Clinic in Delhi. From state-of-the-art technology to a caring team, you’ll find a partner in us on this special journey.

    India IVF Center Delhi: Address


    F-11, Lower Ground Floor, Block F,
    Green Park Extension, Green Park,
    New Delhi, Delhi 110016


    Monday – Saturday | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Closed on Sunday

    Contact Us

    +91 7353873538
    [email protected]

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    Yes, we offer a full spectrum of gynecological services.

    Anyone struggling with infertility issues can benefit from our services.

    First, book a consultation. Our team will guide you through the rest.

    Typically, we treat women up to the age of 50 years and men with an upper age limit of 55 years as per new ART law.

    Insurance coverage varies. Consult your provider for details.

    India IVF Clinic in Delhi is among the top centers, with high success rates and personalized care.

    India IVF Clinic in Delhi is proud to have one of the highest success rates in the region

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