HIV and IVF treatment

Living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can be difficult, causing pain and misunderstanding for people who are close to you. A veil of fear hangs over male intending parents who want to start a family. Individuals and gay couples often wonder, given the scientific discoveries and medicines now available for persons living with HIV.


“Can I take part in the in vitro fertilization procedure?&” The number of HIV-infected people is rising but what is more disturbing is that over 80% of these people are in their reproductive age group. If any of them want to attain parenthood, natural conception may not be their best bet.

Thanks to India IVF Clinic which is helping such people to start their parenthood journey by using technical advancements in assisted reproduction technology, Let’s be more informed on how assisted reproduction can help HIV infected people achieve parenthood through some commonly asked questions:

Can an HIV-positive couple have children?

Yes, HIV-positive individuals can have children, thanks to assisted reproductive technologies. Seropositive persons now have access to medicines and treatment options, making it easier for them to consider starting a family.

What happens if the male partner is HIV infected?

Yes, you can utilize your sperm during IVF therapy if you’re an HIV-positive male contemplating it. Advances in ART have made it possible. India IVF Clinic works with HIV- positive male intended parents on a regular basis. This method entails separating motile sperm from the rest of the ejaculation using sperm washing, followed by insemination of the washed sperm into the egg via IVF-ICSI.

Is there any fear of infection passing on to the child or the mother after using such techniques?

Sperm washing along with assisted reproductive techniques like ICSI can significantly reduce the chances of HIV transmission to the mother or the child. Reports suggest that in over 90% of cases infection transmission was not found.

What is IVF sperm washing?

By separating sperm from its seminal fluid, sperm washing allows your fertility expert or doctor to eliminate the chance of virus transmission. It enables doctors to pinpoint the virus’s location, reducing the danger of HIV transmission to the surrogate and kid.

What is the treatment procedure in the case of female HIV patients?

Antiretroviral therapy followed by in-vitro fertilization can enable female HIV-positive patients who desire to become mothers to have a healthy pregnancy. To reduce the chance of infection transfer to the kid, the woman is kept on medication throughout her pregnancy. IVF treatment is a godsend for HIV patients since it allows them to become parents.

For HIV-positive prospective parents, are there any specific test needs?

If you’re thinking about IVF at India IVF clinic, you’ll need to go through a battery of tests to verify that your gestational carrier is safe throughout her journey.

Viral Load and Blood Tests for HIV

You’ll need to get an HIV viral load test before starting your IVF cycle to see how many HIV cells you have. The impact of antiretroviral therapy on IVF treatment Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is a combination of antiretroviral (ARV) medications used to slow the progression of HIV illness and keep the virus under control. If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV and haven’t started treatment yet, you’ll need to do so before beginning your route to parenting.

Don’t worry, the ARV medicines won’t interfere with your IVF therapy.

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