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Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Gynecology

Globally many women who have given vaginal birth to their infants, deal with multiple postpartum difficulties. Tearing or expansion of vaginal walls is one of those problems. Because of these tears and wounds in the vaginal walls, women can lose the sensation during lovemaking or even become unable to hold the urine pressure while sneezing, coughing, or even laughing. For such women, cosmetic gynecology comes with extreme support. A concerned discussion with your gynecologist can relieve you of multiple issues coming on your way. Let’s discuss cosmetic or aesthetic gynecology in detail.

cosmetic gynaecology

What is aesthetic or cosmetic gynaecology?

Cosmetic surgery is a specific branch of medical science that is a combination of plastic surgery and gynaecology. It involves the restructuring and enhancement of the looks of the vulva and vagina. It also rebuilds their proper functioning. Liposuction service is a common part of the entire cosmetic procedure. Aesthetic cosmetology expands its support in the functional, love and physical aspects. It is not mandatory that all cosmetic gynecology are surgical treatments.

What services cosmetic gynaecology provides?

Several surgical and non-surgical treatments are performed within cosmetic gynaecology.

Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, mentoplasty, hoodectomy (clitoral unhooding) are surgical treatments. Vaginal rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure.

  1. Vaginoplasty: Process of vaginal rejuvenation or reforming of loose vaginal walls.
  2. Labiaplasty: Reducing the vaginal lip size to enhance the inner labia appearance.
  3. Hymenoplasty: Hymen is a thin layer present inside the vagina that gets ruptured after first intercourse. Even cycling and horse riding can rupture it. A minor procedure is done to recreate the hymen if it’s broken. In some cultures, an intact hymen is a sign of virginity.
  4. Monsplasty: Shaping, lifting and firming procedure of pubis. Sometimes the size of the pubis becomes the reason for embarrassment due to its shape and size.
  5. Hoodectomy: Removal of tissues which covers the clitoris. This is done to enhance the sensation during intercourse.
  6. Vaginal rejuvenation: Vaginal rejuvenation is also performed by laser process to rebuild the vaginal tissues.

Who can opt for aesthetic gynaecology?

  • A woman who wants to change the look, feel and function of her private parts.
  • Women with loose vaginal walls because of vaginal deliveries.
  • A woman who wants to reestablish their virginity.
  • woman who is suffering from several discomforts occurred after delivery, such as urine holding disability, and bulging of the uterus through the vagina.
  • who is love oriented and wants to improve intercourse capability?
  • Woman who feels pain during love due to structural reasons.

There are a variety of reasons for a woman to choose cosmetic gynecology. Such as :

  • The gift to a partner
  • Religious reason
  • To charge up self-esteem
  • To improve the appearance of the lips or the labia
  • Improve love making desire and performance

Why choose India IVF Clinic for aesthetic gynecology?

When it comes to surgical or non-surgical treatments, India IVF clinic is your best option because these procedures are intricate and require a high degree of expertise to achieve the desired results. You do not want to entrust this part of your body to an inexperienced doctor. A plastic surgeon may or may not have expertise with this type of vaginal cosmetic surgery. Dr Richika Sahay Shukla who has honed up her skill with top premier institutes of India such as AIIMS and sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhibeing a gynaecologist and having more then 20 yrs of expierence, specializes in vaginal surgeries and have a complete understanding of the vulvar anatomy. When considering cosmetic gynaecology make sure to look out for the qualification and experience of the treating doctor.

Cost of cosmetic gynaecology?

Gynecologic cosmetic treatments are one of the most expensive treatments in India. It costs between 20000 to 4,00,000 INR depending upon the expertise of the gynaecologist and the number of services taken. And if you are going to take these services from abroad, it will cost around 10 lakhs.


Cosmetic gynaecology supports the rejuvenating of the genitals as well as restoring their functioning. It also enhances the look and structure of private parts. It improvises a woman’s body aesthetically. Postpartum discomforts occurred in a woman can be neutralized with cosmetic gynaecology. Although it’s an expensive procedure it energizes the persona and makes you more confident.

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