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10 Best IVF Centres in Defence Colony

Best IVF Centre in Defence Colony with High Success Rate

| 18 Oct 2023 | 3261 Views |


Infertility is a challenge many couples face today. Fortunately, with the evolution of medical science, IVF has emerged as a beacon of hope. Defence Colony, a prime location in Delhi, is home to some of the best IVF centres. This guide walks you through these top clinics to help you make the right choice.

Criteria of Choosing the Best IVF Center in Defence Colony

  • Reputation & Reviews
  • Expertise of Doctors
  • Success Rates
  • Facility and Technology
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Best IVF Center in Defence Colony

1. India IVF Clinic

Why India IVF Clinic in Defence Colony, New Delhi, is Unparalleled in Excellence

Embarking on the journey of IVF requires trust, expertise, and advanced care, all of which are paramount at India IVF Clinic in Defence Colony. Here are the top reasons why our clinic has established itself as a beacon of excellence:

  • Stellar Success Rates: At India IVF Clinic, our success stories speak volumes. With some of the highest IVF success rates in the city, we are dedicated to turning the dream of parenthood into reality for countless couples.
  • Seasoned Experts: Our team, spearheaded by renowned IVF specialists, brings together decades of experience. Their commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive top-tier care, guidance, and expertise at every stage.
  • Advanced Technological Infrastructure: Our state-of-the-art lab, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensures precision and the highest standards of safety. This technological prowess is pivotal in achieving positive outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Care: Beyond just the medical procedures, we believe in holistic care. From counseling sessions to post-treatment support, our end-to-end services ensure that every patient feels valued, heard, and supported.
  • Ethical Transparency: Our commitment to ethics and transparency means that patients are always informed, empowered, and confident in every decision they make with us.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Understanding that every individual is unique, we tailor-make our treatment plans to cater to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring the best possible results.
  • A Legacy of Trust: Located in the heart of Defence Colony, our clinic has built a reputation of trust and excellence over the years, solidified by the testimonials of countless happy families.
  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing: Quality care should be accessible. Our transparent pricing models ensure that there are no hidden costs, making top-tier IVF treatments attainable for all.

In essence, India IVF Clinic in Defence Colony, New Delhi, is more than just a medical facility; it’s a sanctuary of hope, expertise, and unparalleled care. Join us in your journey toward parenthood, and experience the India IVF Clinic difference.

2. ART Fertility Clinics

With advanced treatment protocols, ART Fertility Clinics stands as a trusted name in the world of reproductive medicine.

3. Dr Parul Katiyar

Dr. Katiyar’s clinic provides personalized fertility treatments tailored to individual needs.

4. Advance Fertility and Gynecology Centre

Known for its high-tech facilities and seasoned experts, this centre promises comprehensive care.

5. World Infertility & IVF Centre

With its global standards, it has become a preferred destination for many couples.

6. Dr. Ramya Mishra Shukla

Dr. Shukla’s clinic is synonymous with excellence in IVF treatments.

7. Origyn IVF

A place where modern technology meets skilled hands.

8. Ela IVF & Fertility

Their dedicated team ensures every patient feels at home.

9. Crysta IVF Fertility Centre in Delhi

A blend of expertise and advanced techniques awaits you here.

10. Gaudium IVF

Their track record speaks of countless successful IVF stories.


Choosing the right IVF centre is a critical step towards your fertility journey. Defence Colony offers a range of clinics, each bringing its unique strengths. Do your research, consult experts, and make an informed choice.

Who is the No 1 IVF doctor in Defence Colony?

Dr Richika is the best IVF doctor in defence colony who is the director of India IVF clinic. Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla is the Chief consultant with India IVF Clinic and specializes in infertility and IVF treatments. With a distinguished career and wide-ranging expertise, Dr. Richika stands out for her exceptional skills and dedication.

She has honed her expertise through comprehensive training in the field of IVF-ICSI and Gynecological Endoscopy and has collaborated with pioneering institutions in India like AIIMS and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr. Richika is adept at handling challenging IVF/ICSI protocols, especially in complex cases involving elderly patients, postmenopausal individuals, and those with poor ovarian responses.

Dr. Richika’s proficiency extends beyond IVF. She is a seasoned expert in procedures like Surrogacy, Donor eggs conception, and managing challenging oocyte retrievals, especially in cases of adhered ovaries or those affected by endometrioma. Her finesse in executing intricate Embryo transfers has been a ray of hope for many aspiring parents. Additionally, her skill set includes performing fertility-enhancing surgeries using Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy, such as septal resection, intrauterine adhesiolysis, myomectomy, and tubal cannulation.

Her familiarity with Ultrasound in the domains of infertility, gynecology, and obstetrics further amplifies her multifaceted capabilities.

Boasting an impressive experience of over 20 years, Dr. Richika’s qualifications include MBBS, DNB in Obstetrics & Gynecology, and memberships with prestigious organizations such as MNAMS and MRCOG (London-UK). She has earned accolades as an Infertility Specialist, Reproductive Endocrinologist, and Gynecologist.

Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla’s illustrious career includes roles at eminent institutions like AIIMS and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi.

For more information about Dr. Richika and her exceptional contributions to the field of fertility and gynecology, you can visit [here](


The cost varies depending on the clinic and specific treatment requirements. On average, it ranges from INR 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs.

The success rate varies between 40% to 60%, depending on various factors like age, medical conditions, and the chosen clinic.

All listed centres have their strengths. However, India IVF Clinic has garnered significant attention for its success rates and patient feedback.

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