It is the procedure of reshaping of pubis by removing skin and tissues from the mons pubis. Monsplasty is performed to enhance and restructure mons pubis to change its appearance. Minor surgery can result in extreme comfort as well as functioning.

Monsplasty-cosmetic gynaecology

Possible reasons of enlarged mons pubis:

A triangular area present on the top of the genitals remains covered by pubis hair is called the mons pubis. It covers the genitals and protects them from shock or direct invasion of harmful objects. It accumulates fat due to weight gain.

Huge interruption of hormones can also cause an enlarged size of the mons pubis. C-section delivery can cause the accumulation of saggy skin around the mons pubis.

Who can opt for monsplasty?

A woman who wants to regain her aesthetics post- partum may undergo monsplasty.
A woman with genetically enlarged pubis.
To prevent hygiene
To make love making intercourse more pleasant.

Procedure of monsplasty

Consult with your cosmetic surgeon in detail that what type of changes you want and if they are suitable for you or not.
Anesthesia is given before surgery.
An incision is made on your skin to initiate surgery. A scalpel is used to extract out fatty tissues and excess skin.
The tissues and muscles are rearranged before suture.
Sutures are followed by dressing with adhesive bandages.

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    Benefits of monsplasty:

    The patients recover within 6 to 8 weeks of the surgery. Some benefits of monsplasty include smooth, flat, and firm mons pubis. Improved self-confidence. The woman may experience pleasant love making intercourse.

    Pre and post-surgical care

    Try to reduce weight if you're overweight. Accumulation of fat tissues may cause sagging of skin.
    Maintain proper hygiene and remove your pubic hair regularly.
    Post-surgery do not try to be over active, try to take proper rest.
    Don’t miss medication.

    General understanding

    Monsplasty is an aesthetic surgery to reconstruct the mons pubis, although it is a completely optional process. The results of monsplasty are long-term.

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