Restoration of a torn hymen is performed via hymenoplasty. The hymen is a protective layer present inside the vagina which ruptures after first intercourse or other factors such as horse riding or cycling. A piece of tissue is extracted from the vaginal walls and fixed at the place of the hymen. In some cultures, an intact hymen is considered a sign of virginity.

Who can opt for Hymenoplasty?

Restoration of a hymen is an optional procedure for those women who want to restore their virginity as in some cultures intact hymen layer is the sign of virginity. Although hymenoplasty does not guarantee bleeding on first intercourse.
Injury in the hymen can be repaired by hymenoplasty.

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    Procedure of hymenoplasty:

    Local or general anesthesia is given by the surgeon to numb the vaginal area. Cosmetic gynecology decides the type of surgery required for the woman. Surgical adhesion, suture, flap technique, and luminal reduction are some major technologies involved in hymenoplasty. The goal of all the techniques is a restoration of the hymen layer.

    Hymenoplasty is a minor surgery it takes about an hour or a maximum of two. This is a pain-less procedure.

    Care before and after surgery:

    Try to keep yourself active to reduce the recovery time post-surgery.
    Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    Post-surgery never skip the medication advise
    Proper bed rest will be advised to recover fast.

    General understanding

    Be mindful of the timing of the surgery if you are opting for marriage, keep a gap of at least 5 months for proper recovery. Learn all the pros and cons with your gynecologist.

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