Is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Painful?

IVF Painful

When recommended by doctors, several women opting for infertility treatment turn down IVF treatment due to fear of pain. Most of the couples have a question at the time of counseling, “whether the Is IVF Painful or not?” We are here to answer this question. At the time of the IVF cycle, there might be different phases where patients have to go through pain.
A specific segment of the treatment may result in some pain or uneasiness, but you will not feel severe pain. If in case you are going through extreme pain, there it could be an indication of a complication. However, it is worth noting the complications related to the IVF process are significantly less, and it can be treated efficiently.
Every woman has a somewhat different response to the IVF process; hence some features might be painful for some women, while some women don’t feel pain.

Ovarian Stimulation
The process of self-injecting fertility medications stimulates the ovaries and can cause mild pain. However, several women reveal that it is uncomfortable rather than painful.
The syringe utilized for these injections is thin, and they don’t harm. If you have a fear of syringes, this may be a hard part of the procedure for you. In such a situation, your partner and friend can make you comfortable.
Often women face swelling and other discomforts from the instability in hormones due to injections, but these discomforts are not generally extreme or painful. And it goes away after egg retrieval.

Embryo Transfer
After eggs released and fertilized in the lab, embryos will be chosen to be implanted into the uterus. The egg implantation process has the possibility of pain. The connection between Infertility and pain is common, and one should not fear of that. However, the pain due to IVF treatment is rare. The embryo is placed in a straight line to the uterus with a needle inserted via a vaginal catheter. You will not get hurt by the needle, but you will experience pressure from the catheter. Several women match up this to the sensitivity of the speculum utilized at the time of the Pap test. On the other hand, some women don’t get affected by it, and some women find it slightly painful. The healing process from the embryo transfer should also be quite fast.

Egg Retrieval
At the time of egg retrieval, you will be prescribed pain drugs and local anesthesia, so the so-called IVF painful procedure not be painful as it seems. After the treatment, you may feel slight pressure and cramping. Your doctor can prescribe a pain killer for the pain you are experiencing. You can also treat your pain by simply consuming over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen. But consultation from the doctor is highly advised. The healing process form the egg retrieval process is generally fast, and you can do your daily routine work after 8 or 10 hours  of  rest.

Is IVF Painful – Reviews by Patients
The certified and renowned IVF specialists include India IVF clinic, and the rest of the globe have verified that IVF can obtain minor pain or uneasiness, but it is not as huge as you are thinking.
The pregnancy process is involved with the sequence of comfortable and uncomfortable experience that also includes the likelihood of pain and uneasiness. But as we know that during the pregnancy process, it is hard to fulfill daily routine work. The pain you might have faced is entirely common at the time of pregnancy. In short, the pregnant lady should avoid heavy work at home but can do routine day to day activity.
However, after going through this situation when you successfully give birth to your child, all the pain and discomfort will be disappeared. Conceiving a baby specifically after the infertility treatment makes the pregnancy duration and all pain worthwhile.

So if we return back to our question: is in vitro fertilization (IVF) painful? It totally depends upon a particular woman. Every woman has a different capacity and body structure; you cannot say that one process is painful for others, while some women don’t feel any pain during the process. Most of the women have said that they have gone through with uneasiness rather than pain. And couples who are trying to achieve parenthood happily accept minor pain for conceiving a child.

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