A Brief on Male Infertility Causes and Treatment

Male infertility cause

What do you understand by the term ‘Male Infertility’? It talks about male partner  inefficiency to make fertile women pregnant. Even after having unprotected sex for a longer period, the women are unable to conceive a baby because of infertility caused by males. About 7% of men are struggling with the problem of male infertility which plays a major role in the process of fertilization. When the couple is struggling with the difficulties of the pregnancy, the status of mind seems to be unfavorable.

It is considered that approximately one-third of infertility is caused due to females. Similarly, one-third of infertility is caused by men and sometimes one-third infertility is caused in combination by both male and female partners. Male infertility today has become a major problem. But there is a solution to it and so there is no need to experience disappointment.The major factor of male infertility is low level of sperm production in the male’s body.

During the time of sexual intercourse, sperm is released out of the penis and delivered directly into the female body which reaches female partner vagina. The sperm travels through her uterus to her fallopian tube where sperm and eggs meet and fertilization takes place. This whole procedure of fertilization depends upon the quality of the sperms produced by the males. There have to be enough sperms in the semen and sperm must be functional to fertilize the eggs of the female partner for the healthy pregnancy. Thus, the sperm quality in a male should be good enough to help the female partner conceive without more efforts. Although male infertility is a common cause today, there is no need to worry.

Male Infertility Causes
Male infertility is caused by the number of factors that affects the production of sperms in males during the process of fertilization.

Here, presenting you with the list of causes of male infertility:

  • Addiction of drugs to vitalize the growth and muscle strength diminishes the testicles thereby, resulting in the low production of sperms.
  • The sperm have not developed fully or are in the low numbers which lead to infertility in males.
  • The quantity of spermis not enough to fertilize the eggs of their partner leading infertility in men.
  • Decrease movement of the sperm affects the quality of the sperms. It creates difficulties for the sperms to fertilize the partner’s eggs.
  • Prolonged sitting or wearing tight clothes while working on laptops or computers increases the temperature in the scrotum of males which further affects the fertility issues.
  • Hormonal issues such as diabetes or hormone-producing organs like thyroid affect male fertility.
  • Submissions to toxic chemicals, pesticides, and painting materials also lead to a low level of sperm production.
  • Deficiencies such as folic acid, vitamin C, zinc, etc. affects the fertility of the males.
  • Cancer or any other tumour affects the male reproductive organs which release productive hormones. The medication process to treat tumours or chemotherapy to cure cancer can attack the male productive organs.

Some Male Infertility Causes

  • Consumption of alcohol in excessive amount leads to the difficulties in the process of fertilization and lowers the levels of testosterone glands which decrease sperm production.
  • Regular in-take of smoke reduces the sperm count in the males and also affects male fertility.
  • Using certain illicit drugs affects the fertility of males resulting in the low quality of sperm production.
  • Possessing depression may reduce the libido or delays the ejaculation during the process of fertilization.
  • Personal problems and emotional stress add up in the reduction of sperm quality in the males.
  • Any damage to testicles may have a serious impact on the fertility of the males.
  • The Chromosomal abnormality occurs when a man is born with 2 XX chromosomes instead of one X and one Y chromosomes due to which infertility occurs in males.
  • Obesity is another factor which causes a change in hormones that reduces sperm production in males.
  • Past Surgeries prevents the ejaculation of sperm during the process of fertilization.
  • Defects or Blockage damages the reproductive organs of the males which decrease male fertility.
  • Painful sex or insufficient sperms in the semen which releases in the bladder instead on the tip of the penis during fertilization resulted in infertility in men.
  • Severe infections such as epididymitis or sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea damage the passage of sperms or even testicles. However, in such cases, the sperms can be retrieved through surgeries.
  • Antibodies identify sperm as a harmful invader and destroy them due to which the eggs are not matured during the fertilization process.
  • Varicocele in which veins are enlarged inside the scrotum reduces the quality of sperms in males.

Male Infertility Symptoms
The low level of sperm count affects the fertility of the men leading to inability to conceive a child in their female partner.
The symptoms related to male infertility include:

  • A change in the sexual desire of the men impacts their fertility issues
  • Inability to ejaculate the sperm into the female’s body
  • Pain or swelling in the testicles
  • Changes in hair growth
  • Genital infections
  • Respiratory problems
  • Abnormal growth of breasts
  • Small or firm testicles

If you are able to identify the male infertility symptoms on time, the problem can be easily cured under the guidance of infertility specialist. At India IVF Clinic, many males have been able to overcome their infertility problem. A male experiencing this problem should certainly

The Best Male Infertility Treatment
If the couple is dealing with the issues of infertility which enable them to have a baby, they must visit the doctor clinic to cure or treat their infertility issues. Nowadays, there are several treatments of male infertility depending upon the underlying cause of the problem. The doctor will diagnose the problem concerning the issues of male infertility.

The doctor might examine the genitals and past medical history of the patient like diseases such as illness, surgeries, or chronic health problems which affect the fertility in a man. He would question about the sexual habits of the man and check the sperm count through the semen analysis. In order to identify the root cause of the problem, he might suggest a patient undergo certain tests which include hormone testing, ejaculation urinanalysis, scrotal ultrasound, etc. The doctor would recommend the treatment only after identifying the problem.

Male infertility includes several treatments like:

  • Surgery in obstructive azoospermia .
  • Sperm retrieval procedures -sperm can be directly retrieved from the testicles through sperm-retrieval techniques.
  • Infections can be treated which affects the male reproductive organs.
  • Medications and counselling can solve the problems of sexual intercourse and a hormonal imbalance which helps in improving the fertility in men.
  • Assisted reproductive technology is the treatment in which sperm and eggs are extracted outside of the body and fertilized by In Vitro Fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is common in men. It refers to the problem of maintaining an erection for a longer period. It is curable by medicines, counseling, and changing your lifestyle and habits.
  • Homemade remedies such as yoga improve the posture and remove the stress from your body.
  • Meditation helps you to recover from depression and problems related to sexual intercourse. It calms down your body and relaxes your mind.
  • Regular intake of Vitamins and minerals helps to remove deficiency from your body.
  • Minimize the use of alcohol, drugs, and smoke to improve the quality of sperm.
  • Obesity can be cured by regular exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.

There are dependable medical centres like Indi IVF Clinic providing a solution to male infertility problem. Book your consultation today for the best male infertility treatment at a low expense in the country.

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