Male infertility

We, at India IVF, is there to help you on your fertility journey. India IVF not only provides treatment options for female infertility but male infertility as well.

  • Assisted reproductive technology
    Assisted reproductive technology involves the use and obtaining of sperms through the normal ejaculation process, from donors or surgical extraction. after this, the sperms are inserted into the female genital tract via intracytoplasmic sperm injection or IVF.
  • Medical and behavioural counselling
    Medical treatment and behavioural counselling can be of great help when it comes to conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal treatment
    You may be advised a hormonal replacement therapy in case your infertility is caused by the certain hormonal abnormality.
  • Surgery
    Certain conditions such varicocele can be corrected surgically. Similarly, any defect in the vas deferens can be repaired and vasectomies can be reversed with the help of surgery.
Normal pragnancy ke liye sperm count


Infertility and its treatment have always been women-centric since ages. however, infertility is a global problem that tends to affect around 15% of couples belonging to the reproductive age group, which makes up for 60-80 million couples worldwide. In India alone, 15-20 million couples are facing infertility and around 50% of these cases owes to male infertility. This is a serious consequence of the modern lifestyle that can be attributed to several factors. Male infertility needs as much attention as female infertility from the Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon called India IVF. let us have a look at male infertility, its causes and the treatment provided by us

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