The Affordable IVF Cost in India a Boon for the Childless Couple

IVF Cost

Nowadays, family planning is strenuous as both husband and wives have a tiresome job and career-oriented ambitions. After marriage, when the couple plans for their child, it results in the long struggle. Due to disappointment and family pressure; the couple tends to take the steps which might complete their dream sooner. Most couples find it difficult to cope up with the issues of infertility which is a growing problem of today’s life. However, the treatment of IVF is considered as the best treatment which cures the difficulties of infertility.

About the IVF Cost

IVF is known as In Vitro Fertilization which deals with the difficulties of infertility that cause a major hindrance for the women to get pregnant naturally. Infertility is nowadays a common issue between couples. Even after having unprotected sex with their partner for an extended period, the women don’t conceive resulting in the depression and anxiety. To bury the seed of hope in the life of infertile couples, IVF treatment comes as a pave to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

The IVF cost in the world differs as it depends upon the various factors such as grade, type, and reason for infertility. The cost of IVF may vary from person to person. Talking about the IVF cost which includes all tests and treatments, diagnosis process, and surgical treatment might range between 2-2.25 lakh per cycle. However, despite its high cost, the IVF treatment is preferable because it gives hope and brings couples out of their depression and anxiety phrase.

IVF Treatment Cost

If you have finally decided to go through the treatment of IVF to have a baby in your life, you must consider a few things because it’s not a time to think from the emotional perspective but also from the view point of financial status. Assisted Reproductive Technology [ART] includes all kinds of fertility treatments in which eggs and sperms are collected in the lab and controlled. The low IVF treatment cost plays important role in decision making. It helps a couple plans the IVF treatment under the highly experienced medical professionals like Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla well-known for higher success rate.

In the Assisted Reproductive Technology, the eggs are taken out from the women’s body and analyzed in the lab along with the sperms and on the maturity of the eggs; they are reinserted in the woman’s body so that women can get pregnant. It is a significant treatment for the infertile couple who are dealing with their barrenness. The costs of each level of IVF treatment differ from each other as IVF treatments consist of a variety of layers and procedures which include a variety of doctors, nurses, surgeons, technicians, etc. There are several tests included in the procedure of IVF treatment such as Blood test which is done to analyze the factors which can influence the pregnancy.

IVF Procedure Cost

The IVF cost depends upon the number of cycles taken by the women during the treatment. Some women may get luckier to give birth to the child in 2 cycles of IVF which may cost them less than the women who underwent 5 cycles of IVF treatment. The IVF procedure cost can be a major concern for the couples experiencing the problem of infertility. But at India IVF Clinic, Gurgaon, the clinic has never made a childless couple worry about the IVF procedure cost. The fertility and IVF specialist Dr. Richika believes in bringing the lost broad smile on the faces of the hopeless couples rather than giving priority to profit-making.

As stated above, the cost of IVF treatment per cycle ranges between from 1.5- to 1.75 lakh but if you go for additional assistance such as ICSI treatment, Embryo freezing, Frozen embryos to be used from the previous cycle, use of gestational carriers, then the cost of treatment might be expensive for the couples.

IVF Cost in India

The cost of In Vitro Fertilization [IVF] in India differs from an individual to the other. It fully depends upon the factors such as the person's infertility workup, women’s age, medical history, and number of IVF cycles. The average cost of IVF in India ranges from 1.5 to 3 lakhs for each cycle which is quite less than what is involved in the western countries. However, if the IVF process takes place by using one’s egg and sperm, the treatment may cost around INR 150,000 to 1, 75,000. The IVF includes the cost of several procedures in it like OCR, ET, etc. The IVF Cost in India is low in comparison to the cost in some of the developed countries in the world.

The cost of IVF treatment depends upon various factors which are given below:

  • The Base of the IVF centre or Lab.
  • Standard of equipment, medicines, and injections used in the treatment.
  • Success Rate of the doctors involved in the treatment.
  • Involvement of experienced senior doctors in the treatment.

India is a preferable and affordable destination for medical administrations which includes the treatment of infertility also known as a test-tube baby treatment due to its increased number of people coming from abroad. The affordable IVF Cost in India attracts many childless couples from different nations willing to undergo IVF treatment in India.

India is considered the best place for IVF treatment because of the following reasons:

  • Availability of Advanced technology which is expensive in the US and UK.
  • Low budget treatment with good cleanliness, temperature, and air purity.
  • Modern techniques and procedures used for infertility treatment.
  • Experienced IVF specialist who is skilled and qualified in their profession.
  • A team of highly trained and professionals employed during the treatment to have healthy communication with international patients.

Talk with the most effective team of fertility experts for all the pregnancy and infertility related issues and visit the best centres to enjoy healthy and happy maternity.

Infertility Treatment Cost

There are several ways in which your infertility can be treated. However, the cost of treatments is calculated differently.

Following are the rough estimates of the treatments:

  • The treatment of IUI which refers to Intrauterine Insemination costs around Rs.10,000 – Rs. 20,000 which is known to be the cheapest treatment in India.
  • The treatment of IVF will cost you around Rs. 70000-Rs. 3 lakh whereas the treatment of ICSI will cost you around Rs. 70000 – Rs. 3, 00,000 in which the cost of donor eggs and the cost of donor sperms are excluded.
  • Cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer will cost you around Rs. 60000 whereas the technique of Laser Assisted Hatching to increase the chances of implantation will range from Rs. 18000 – Rs. 25000.
  • The treatment of Hysteroscopy to investigate any kind of abnormality will cost you around Rs. 30000- Rs.60000 whereas the treatment of Laparoscopy to check the cysts and to treat them well will cost you around Rs. 60000 – 1, 25,000.

The infertility clinics like India IVF Clinic; Gurugram has never allowed Infertility Treatment Cost to become the obstacle in the path of treatment even for the financially weak married partners. It is the top-quality infertility and IVF treatment at a low cost that has made India IVF Clinic the prime choice of the hundreds of the childless couples hailing from different corners of the world. Book your appointment for the professional consulting today!

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