Failed IVF- Why IVF Failed? – Reasons for Failed IVF

Managing a failed ivf cycle

In-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology, which is commonly known as IVF. it is a multi-step process that is meant to help the childless couples and help them conceive. In this procedure, the male and female gametes ( sperm and the ovum) are united outside the body and then transferred to the womb. IVF is a 5 step process where the following steps are taken

Step 1
In the initial step, fertility medications are given for stimulating the production of eggs.
Step 2
The eggs are retrieved with the help of minor surgical incision with the help of ultrasound assistance.
Step 3
A semen sample is collected by the males for combining them with the ovum.
Step 4
The fourth step in an IVF process is the insemination, where the eggs and sperm are combined and stored in a laboratory dish for the process of fertilization. In case if the chances of fertilization are less then intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is given. Once the fertilization is successful the eggs are now called embryos.
Step 5
The embryo is then transferred to a woman’s uterus, three to five days after retrieving the egg and fertilization. The transfer of embryo is done with the help of a thin tube called catheter.

Why Failed IVF

Going through an IVF process in itself is a daunting experience, where a couple may tend to lose hope with every passing day. On top of this if the IVF process fails, a couple especially a woman can be completely devastated by the failure of her only hope. Not only emotionally but IVF can be financially overwhelming as well. However what a couple needs to understand is that a failed IVF is often the clue for your next successful IVF cycle by rectifying the past procedure and for the best procedure at the best IVF cost in Gurgaon, India IVF is the right choice. Now, let us have a look at why IVF fails in the first place.

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