Endometriosis take place when tissue equivalent to the inside layer of the uterus cultivate exterior of the uterus. This is specifically common along with women in their 30s and 40s and it creates difficulties in conceiving child. It has an effect on 11 percent of women between the age of 15 and 44. There are many treatment methods that help in increasing the probability of pregnancy.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis often termed as “endo” and it is a general health issue in ladies. The name has derived from the word endometrium (a tissue that usually lines the womb). Endometriosis takes place when tissue adjacent to the lining of the womb grows outer surface of uterus and other portion in your body where it is not connected.
Commonly endometriosis exists on the
Exterior surface of the womb
Fallopian tubes
Tissues that make stable the uterus in its position rectum, bladder, bowel, vulva, cervix and vagina
Other areas for development comprise
Endometriosis emerges hardly ever in the other area of the body such as skin, brain and lungs.

Common symptoms of endometriosis

Digestive problem: This comprise constipation, diarrhea, nausea or bloating specifically the time of menstrual cycle
Infertility: Not capable of conceiving child
Spotting or bleeding at the time of menstrual cycle. However this can be happen because of endometriosis or other reasons. If this happens continuously, you should consult your doctor.
Pain at the time of menstrual cycle when urinating and in rare case you might detect bleeding in urine or stool
Chronic pain in pelvis and lower back
Pain at the time or after sexual intercourse and this is commonly explained as a deep pain and it is different from pain during the penetration
Intestinal pain

Why does endometriosis cause pain and health problems?

Endometriosis growths are slightly gentle not hazardous, however you should not neglect it. It can still cause health issues
Endometriosis growths might bleed and swell up similarly the lining into your uterus take place every month of menstrual period. This can result in pain and swelling because the tissue enlarge and bleeds in a part where it cannot release from your body.
If the precaution and treatment is not done on time , the growth might continue to spread and result health issue like
Inflammation (swelling )
Troubles in your bladder and intestines
Risk of adhesions ( tissue that can connect your organs jointly) and tissue. This scar tissue is responsible for infertility and pelvic pain.
It will block fallopian tubes when growth happens inside ovaries. Blood gathered in the ovaries can produce cysts.
What causes endometriosis?
There is no specific cause of this disease. However there have been several researches are going to determine the reasons:
Problem in immunity system
Immune system turmoil and various cancers are general in ladies with endometriosis. An immunity system disorder might not succeed to detect and eliminate endometrial tissue growing outer surface of the uterus.
Disturbance with menstrual period flow
Conservative menstrual flow is the most common reason of endometriosis. Some of the tissue lean to the at the time menstrual flows via fallopian tube inside other parts of the body like pelvis.
At the time surgery to the stomach area such as hysterectomy or Cesarean (C-section) endometrial tissue could be pulled out and stimulated by mistake. For example, endometrial tissue has been established in abdominal scars.
The hormone estrogen comes into view to develop endometriosis. Study is going at whether endometriosis issues with the body’s hormone system.

How can I prevent endometriosis?

It is not hard to eliminate endometriosis completely but you can decrease the possibility of increasing it by reducing the levels of the hormone estrogen in your body. Estrogen helps in making to condense the lining of your womb at the time of menstrual period.

You can reduce estrogen levels in your body by following way:

Don’t consume alcohol in large amount. Even we recommend that quit alcohol consume. Alcohol increases the estrogen level. If possible then not more than one drink is recommended to the women who are habitual of drinking
Daily exercise ( more than 4 hours in a week): The daily exercise is essential, it keeps you in reducing fat. The low fat and fit body helps in reducing the quantity of estrogen flowing through the body.
Don’t consume too much drink with caffeine. Research shows that consuming more than one caffeine drinks in a day increase estrogen levels.
Consult your surgeon about hormonal birth control solutions such as patches, pills or rings with small about of estrogen

Can I get pregnant if I have endometriosis?

Yes several women who are having endometriosis can get pregnancy. But it might be difficult to conceive child. Scientists tell that endometriosis might affect in every two women with infertile case.
But there is no accurate information of endometriosis causing infertility. However here are some common reasons are:
The immunity system that normally helps safeguard the body from disease, assault the embryo.
The endometrium( the surface of the uterus lining where implantation occurs) doesn’t grow as it must.
Scars of endometriosis chunk off or modify the form of the pelvis and reproductive organs. This can make it difficult for the sperm to detect the egg.
Patient who have endometriosis are having problem in conceiving baby should consult doctor. Patient should ask for treatment such as surgery to eliminate the endometrial growths.

Impact of Endometriosis on Fertility

The irritation and inflammation occur by the endometriosis can distress infertility. Inflammation of fimbria, which carry egg and distribute into the fallopian tube result in scarring and swelling so the egg might not reach its targeted place. Moreover the inflammation badly affects eggs and sperm when they are uncovered to the unfriendly surroundings due to endometriosis. In many cases, endometriosis begin to result in adhesions and the pelvic organs become fixed to each other, that eventually in reducing function. Endometriosis also chunk the fallopian tubes
Your surgeon can only make the analysis with laparoscopy, unless the endometriosis has created a cyst on the ovary known as endometrioma that can be visible with a sonogram. This light outpatient treatment includes the inclusion of a range through the umbilicus inside the abdomen. At the time of laparoscopy, your doctor can operate any endometriosis scissors, laser or cauterization to eradicate the scratches.

Endometriosis and Fertility

Often this endometrial tissue circulates the finishing point of the fallopian tube inside the abdomen. In few women, this tissue will connect to other organs. The hormones formed in the next menstrual period attract this additional tissue to develop and later on lean-to such as tissue in the uterus. However this tissue detaching and bleeding has no option go out the body that causes irritation and inflammation of local tissue. Normally the inflammation results in the pain that patients frequently happen with endometriosis.


Pregnancy and Endometriosis

Luckily, pregnancy essentially increases endometriosis. The hormones obtained cause most of the endometriosis to resolution, so the doctor tries to help ladies to get pregnant before treating laparoscopy. When the endometriosis is so ruthless that formation doesn’t take place, then a laparoscopy is essential. After treatment, the finest possibilities of pregnancy are at the time of the first couple of months following the process. Your surgeon can perform surgery to prevent endometriosis from reformation. Breast feeding reduce the growth of endometriosis do birth control tablets. Once patients complete breast feeding, we suggest begin birth control tablets until she wants to get pregnant. This treatment will provide the fare possibility of pregnancy without perform laparoscopy again or any other infertility treatment.

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