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What are IVF Success Rates & How Are They Calculated?

| 02 May 2020 | 2895 Views |

If we discuss the IVF Success Rate, then it is similar to pregnancy rates post IVF treatment. Plenty of methods are available to calculate the success of IVF, but it is generally computed by dividing the quantity of outcome (quantity of births, for instance) by the number of processes treated (quantity of embryo transfer, for instance).

There are variations in even a specific IVF clinic and the success rate of IVF can be different and depend upon the IVF cycle and the process which is used for fundamental treatment.

The two main types of IVF success rates are the live birth rate and pregnancy rate

The clinical pregnancy rate is utilized when there is no available live birth rate. It happens because pregnancy generally completes its complete duration in 40 weeks. IVF clinics that require displaying their pregnancy rates prior to all their patients completing the pregnancy duration need to use the clinical pregnancy rate to show their results. The success rate of IVF decides the achievement of the IVF center because it gives a clear indication to the patent to choose their treatment.

Many patients are concerned about the IVF success rate in India but with India IVF clinic we are open and transparent to our patients and we believe in giving the IVF pregnancy rates to our patients so that they can easily opt for this treatment.

But in most of the cases, we have observed that patients believe in live birth rate, the possibility of giving birth to a baby and taking it home, post an IVF cycle. The live birth rate can easily inspect every pregnancy through IVF. India IVF clinic will never hesitate to publish a report on live birth rates. As far as IVF success rate is concerned, then you need to visit the clinic and get the assurance of the highest success rate of IVF treatment.

  • The reason for infertility
  • The age of the woman
  • The quality of sperm& eggs received.
  • Experience and expertise of IVF specialist
  • Infrastructure and equipment of Embryology lab.
  • Quality and brand of medicines & consumables used during IVF procedure

One of the significant factors that have an effect on a woman’s pregnancy is the age of the woman. It happens because in women in the age of 20s nearly three fourth (3/4) of the eggs are hereditarily typical. However, there are many women who are unusual hereditarily. It is found that eggs generally ovulated at early ages between 20 to 30 which means that older woman has less chance of hereditary usual eggs and eventually it will be difficult for them to conceive.

During the age of 35, nearly 40 to 50% of eggs are usual chromosomally and even the ages growth chances decreases gradually. Hence in older women, it is difficult to have normal embryos as they can be less as compared to the requirement. This eventually comes to a conclusion point that even fit and fine women who are in their 35 age is having less fertility than younger women. Women who are 40 and over have less than 20% lesser live birth rate with IVF treatment utilizing their own embryos, yet numerous embryos are infiltrated in the uterus.

Comparison between Multiple Cycle Statistics and One Cycle Statistics

It is significant to understand the fact the one IVF cycle statistics and the possible increase when you perform more than one IVF cycle, it is highly prescribed by the doctors.

As per some research, it is found that ladies who have given birth to a child via IVF treatment generally conducted an average of 2.7 cycles. The maximum cases of IVF treatment are found to be successful for all ages of women post 3 IVF cycles and the IVF success rate by age percent is nearly 34 and 42%.

And what happens when it is exceeding than 3 cycles? This specific research found that snowballing pregnancy triumph chances sustained (to some extent) positive to five cycles after that chances flat terrain.

The elevated IVF success rate in Gurgaon moreover the mental suffering faced by couples creates difficulties in multiple IVF cycles. There are only a few numbers of couples that can go through more than 2 or 3 cycles.

The Personal Chances for Success with IVF Treatment

As we have already started the IVF Success rate of donor egg depends upon multiple factors, some of them have been controllable by you, many of them are particular to you individually. The factors are age, cause of infertility, donor eggs or semen used or not, the capability of IVF center and clinic.

If you go through the nationwide statics, it gives you a common picture, but it cannot make you sure about your individual chances of success.

Provide your age, weight, and height and how many pregnancies you have achieved (miscarriage is also included in that) your reason for infertility, whether you aim to utilize your eggs, how many full-time births ( if you don’t have information about the cause of infertility this tool can give you the reason).

The Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Private Clinics

You can also examine the success rate of IVF treatment in private clinics. Moreover don’t worry about the IVF success rate in Delhi because India IVF is there for you to give reasonable and economical IVF procedures. For instance, if a private clinic has a great success rate, then it might be achieving success in making couples parent who has very little chance of conceiving a baby. Or they might be top leaders in retrieving a massive number of embryos per cycle, which might be chancy. It is also probable that a very short customer base can reflect a tremendously high rate of success.

Also, you need to make sure; you are calculating live birth rates, not pregnancy rates. Because pregnancy success rate could be slightly greater as compared to live birth and it doesn’t calculate stillbirth and miscarriage

How IVF Success Rates can help you choose Reliable IVF Clinic or Center

When searching for a trusted IVF clinic, several infertile or childless patients will only search the clinic that has published IVF success rates. The IVF pregnancy rate is somewhat the criteria to choose the IVF clinic. However, it is nearly unattainable to measure up to fertility clinics by evaluating their results above all because of the unfair selection of patients and moreover, at present exaggeration of results published by some prominent fertility clinics.

The issue of choosing prejudiced patients stays present in other treatments also. For instance, a renowned treatment center is posting death rates of coronary bypass surgical treatment. Now can you assume who has the greatest mortality rates? It is, obviously a surgical unit, because these units take the risk of complicated cases, which obviously have the highest death rates. The favoritism of patient selection is killing the honest report “success rates” in the market. These things are also happening in the infertility center but the decency of today’s IVF clinic has disappeared. Nowadays IVF has become the product for commercial IVF centers.

How to understand IVF Success Rates

However, there is no need to be pessimistic because there are also some of genuine IVF clinics in the market and India IVF clinic is the leading name in this list. In the event, you are trying to choose an IVF clinic for infertility treatment. You need to keep a few important points in consideration.

Make sure to opt for an IVF center when your doctor has recommended you, if your case is simple, then you need to stay out of these so-called IVF clinics which show a tremendous success rate of IVF first time and there are high changes, they have firm patient barring standard which might be barring you.

Always ask before you take the first appointment, to check if the fertility center has any preset cut-off value. The cut-off value might indicate the FSH level, age, ultrasound, or quantity of follicles.

Inspect the clinic’s IVF success rates in 2019 in their embryo donor curriculum. If a fertility center has good IVF pregnancy rates in the embryo donor programs, the center is certainly authentic and competent in IVF treatment. The pregnancy rates in embryo donor curriculum are normally not affected by the selection of patient


On the basis of IVF success rates and important statics mentioned in this piece of information, you would surely count on the Highest success rate of IVF in India provided by Reputed IVF center India IVF clinic.

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