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Inhibin A



What is Inh A?
The levels of Inhibin A in the blood can be measured using simple blood tests. Pregnant women can use this test to see if the baby has Down syndrome or not. Granulosa cell tumours and Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian tumours can likewise be subjected to this test. In most women, high levels of this hormone in the blood can suggest the existence of ovarian tumours. This test can also be used to determine whether or not a treatment is working.

Blood is drawn straight from the veins to determine the level of Inhibin A in the body. Testing is recommended if a mass/lump is identified in the pelvic region or the patient has previously been treated for tumour and recovered.

Why is Inh A done?
To determine the health and well being of the fetus and any chances of it having a genetic disease like Down’s syndrome

  1. To monitor ovarian tumors along with other tests
  2. To test for male fertility in some cases
  3. For diagnosis and monitoring of various hormonal reproductive disorders

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