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Urine for microalbumin

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Microalbuminuria Test
Microalbuminuria is the term used to describe an increase in the levels of urine microalbumin. Microalbumin causes are related to trickling of small quantities of albumin into the urine, which leads to high levels of them in the kidney. Generally, the kidneys strain these microalbumins out as it can cause a kidney disease if found in the urine.What Is Microalbumin?


Microalbumin is a protein that is generally present in the blood and is used for cell growth or to repair tissues. The leakage of this in your urine may indicate kidney damage.

What Is A Microalbuminuria Test?
If you see symptoms or face risks of kidney damage, your doctors are likely to recommend a microalbuminuria test. It is a urine test that uses a sample of your urine to test the amount of microalbumin present in it.

The kidney plays an important function of discarding toxic products from the blood and maintains water fluid levels in your body.

The microalbuminuria test helps in checking the functioning of the kidneys and is also called (ACR) albumin-to-creatinine ratio test or the urine albumin test.

What Is The Purpose Of The Test?
If your doctor suspects any problems related to the kidney or you experience any symptoms, it is likely that the test needs to be taken to check for urine microalbumin resulting in microalbuminuria.

Depending on the amount of microalbumin in your urine, the doctor will be able to diagnose the problem.

In case, one is diagnosed with microalbuminuria, the doctor will prescribe treatment according to the level of urine miroalbumin found. The patient will have to go through several of these tests during the microalbuminuria treatment period until the microalbumin normal range is reached.

You might not witness symptoms in the earlier stages of the kidney disease, however, your urine may be foamy at the later stages. Swelling of hands, feet, abdomen and face are also worst outcome symptoms.

Those with diabetes or high blood pressure are recommended to get their microalbumin urine range checked periodically.

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