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Protein S


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What is Protein S Functional?

Protein S is an important protein that prevent blood from clotting too much. Blood clots form as a result of injury to prevent excess blood loss from the body. Deficiency of protein S is an inherited disorder that increases the risk of forming blood clots that can travel to the arms, legs and even to the lungs leading to pulmonary embolism.

This test is used to diagnose clotting disorders. You may need this test if you had an unexplained blood clot, family history of blood clot or repeated miscarriages as clotting sometimes affect pregnancy also.

Why is Protein S Functional done?
  • The test is performed to identify a deficiency of Protein S
  • To evaluate several unexplained miscarriages
  • When an unexplained blood clotting episode occurs in adults
  • When a severe blood clotting disorder is observed in newborns
  • When a close relative is affected by a blood clotting disorder

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