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ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)


Generic Name: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Procedure code: IP02

Procedure quantity: 1

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  • When sperm find it difficult to connect to the egg
  • An obstruction in the male reproductive zone may keep sperm from releasing
  • Eggs have not fertilized by traditional IVF, regardless of the condition of the sperm.
  • Earlier frozen eggs are being utilized
  • When sperm is failed to swim properly or it is abnormal
  • When male obtain little sperm count to perform artificial insemination (intrauterine insemination [IUI]) or IVF.


  • Doctor consultation charges (During IVF-ICSI Cycle only) (up to 5 consultations only).
  • Single Self Egg & Sperm IVF-ICSI Cycle up to Embryo Transfer.
  • Monitoring Ultrasound {From Stimulation to embryo transfer (Single Cycle)}
  • Ovulation Induction Injections only for making egg pre ovum pick up.
  • Admission charges (Short stay room rent for OPU and ET).
  • Anaesthetist charges for ovum pick up only.
  • IVF-ICSI consumables charges for ovum pick up and ET without complication.
  • Embryologist and surgeon charges till single embryo transfer.


  • Any other medicine except ovulation induction injection.
  • Discharge medicines for ovum pick up and embryo transfer.
  • General anaesthesia for embryo transfer, anaesthesia fees, consumables, OT Charges etc.
  • Pre and Post IVF Consultations.
  • Investigations not included.
  • Any Complication in OT during Ovum pick up & Embryo transfer (Pre & Post).
  • Meals & Lodging for patients.
  • Surrogacy Charges.
  • Egg donor charges according to egg donor.
  • Sperm donor charges per donor.


As per ICMR and PCPNDT Guidelines No Pre Natal Sex Determination is done at India IVF Clinic.

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    As per ICMR and PCPNDT Guidelines No Pre Natal Sex Determination is done at India IVF Clinic    As per ICMR and PCPNDT Guidelines Genetic Counselling can only be done in person