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About Qualis

About Qualis

Microfluidics Sperm Sorter Qualis

Microfluidics Sperm Sorting Technology is the latest technology that helps filter sperms that have more chances of carrying DNA damage from normal sperms.


This new technique works on the principle that sperms that have lesser motility result in higher DNA damage and motile sperms are less like to carry DNA damage.

Microfluidic sperm sorter (MFSS) helps in separating normal sperms with high motility sperms. Sperm selection in this process is carried by two gravity-driven laminar flows within central microfluidic channels. It is a new low cost sperm sorting device that helps in choosing the best sperm cells for assisted reproductive technologies like in-vitro fertilization. Using these latest and advanced techniques helps improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

  • Microfluidic sperm separation helps isolate highly motile, morphologically normal sperm with high DNA integrity from an unprocessed semen sample.
  • This technology isolates healthy sperm by laminar flow, creating gradients through channels.
  • Like, the standard of density gradient centrifugation, there is no requirement of the manipulation of sperm in this process.
  • Microfluidics IVF is now used widely.

Many times the male factor infertility is the main reason of infertility in closer to 50% of infertile couples. Sperm plays an important role in the entire process of fertilization. With the help of several technologies like swim-up and density gradient techniques, sperm counting, and its sorting have become easier. Microfluidic sperm separation technology was also introduced recently to smoother the entire process of pregnancy.

Many pieces of studies have reported that conventional semen processing techniques sometimes pose an adverse effect on sperm deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) integrity, which further lowers the chances of pregnancy rates and are also linked with potential promutagenic changes to sperm DNA. Using a gravity-driven microfluidic sperm sorter helps in isolating motile sperms with the ones that have DNA integrity.

What is Microfluidics Sperm Sorting Technology or Qualis? Microfluidics Sperm Sorting Technology helps much in segregating sperms with more amounts of sperms carrying DNA damage from normal sperms. This technique works on the principle that sperms that have lesser motility have higher DNA damage and motile sperms are less like to carry DNA damage.

Microfluidic sperm sorter helps separate morphologically normal sperms with high motility. Sperm selection used here is done by two gravity-driven laminar flows inside central microfluidic channels.

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Key Uses of Microfluidic technologies

  • Microfluidic technologies have enabled the optimizing of the vital preparation of sperm sample and the useful analysis.
  • It is also being used to treat male infertility.
  • Quantification of sperm
  • Analysis of sperm quality
  • Manipulation of sperm
  • Isolation of sperm

Use of the Microfluidic Devices

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Molecular & cellular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical screening of drugs

How this technique works? Microfluidics Sperm Sorter Qualis technique is effective and based on a principle called microfluidic. It has been found that physiologically and genetically perfect sperms have higher grade of forward motility. In Qualis technique, embryologist gets the benefit of sperm property. In an easier way, we can say that sperms are allowed to race in a narrow stream of fluid. The sperms that are healthy win the race. These are collected in a particular chamber. The separated sperms are used in further process.

Many studies related to microfluidic devices done in the past have disclosed that motility of the sperm sample increased to 100% and morphology of the isolated sperm improves a lot post using microfluidic sorting. As compared to different techniques used in reproductive technologies, using microfluidic device significantly lower the rates of DNA damage and in turn improves sperm recovery.

Why Microfluidics Sperm Sorter is recommended for IVF? Many researches have suggested that conventional semen processing techniques poses negative effects on sperm deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) integrity which lowers the pregnancy rates and are also associated with potential promutagenic alterations to sperm DNA. A gravity-driven microfluidic sperm sorter aids segregating isolating motile sperms with good DNA integrity, using microscale laminar flow without centrifugation.

The highly advanced and useful IVF tool aids in selecting the productive normal embryos from the collected abnormal sperms. This technique is rapidly gaining wider popularity as the best Microfluidics IVF treatment because it can make a difference between immotile sperms and motile sperms.

Thus, separating motile sperms with the help of Microfluidics Sperm Sorter and using this sample of highly motile sperms to fertilize the eggs, lowers the chances of passing on Sperm DNA damage or affecting the quality of embryo. Using Microfluidic sperm sorter Qualis permits smoother and quick recapture of sorted motile sperm without incurring any DNA damage as compared to the traditional procedure.

Sperm Sorting with Microfluidics The application of any kind of the technology including Microfluidics needs gentle application in the recommended manner. The results have been positive. Take the advantage of microfluidic sperm separation and overcome the problem of infertility.

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