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Fertility Exercise for Conceiving

When trying to conceive, it’s important to stay active. We all know being active will make you healthier. The healthier you are the more chance you have of conceiving naturally! Make fertility Exercise, a part of your weekly routine. Exercise improves your fertility if you’re struggling to conceive. Studies show the importance of fertility Exercise and how it supports fertility and increases the chances of Conceiving.

Fertility Exercise

Advantages of Fertility Exercise

Exercising regularly does have a lot of advantages which interns benefit the body and work positively towards bringing back the lost fertility within you.

Exercise not only improves your fertility, but it also prepares your body for pregnancy. Getting in to a good fitness routine by fertility Exercise, before getting pregnant will also improve your self esteem.

Body image can unfortunately sometimes be an issue for pregnant women. Fertility Exercise, makes you feel confident, healthy and happy as your body grows and changes.

Does exercise increase fertility?

Keeping active is a one of the best and most simple ways to increase fertility. Research has found that women who do regular fertility Exercise, get pregnant more quickly than those who don’t.

So Starting an fertility Exercise and being active is a big move in the right direction when you’re trying to conceive

Staying active during your pregnancy can

  • Help you to have a healthy pregnancy and birth,
  • Reduce problems such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.
  • It can also help to boost your mood
  • lessen your risk of mental health problems like depression.

Research suggests that :

  • Exercise for conceiving baby, may actually improve reproductive function and boost fertility
  • Regular Fertility Exercise, get your body in top baby-making shape by toning muscles including your heart, which has to pump up to 50 percent more blood to supply you and your growing baby. Women who exercised 30 minutes or more daily had a reduced risk of infertility due to ovulation
  • Consistent Fertility exercise and weight loss can be helpful in getting PCOS symptoms under control
  • Regular Fertility Exercise can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and relieves in common pregnancy symptoms like backaches and bloating
  • Even a small weight loss can be effective in irregular periods .Regular period can makes conceiving easier, because it allows you to more readily predict ovulation and time intercourse.
  • Improves Quality of Sleep: Exercising regularly helps set the body in a good rhythm, allowing sleep to setin at the right times, and giving you deep unbroken sleep cycles.
  • Although there is no direct connection between sleeping with fertility but study shows that any reduction in getting a good amount of sleep starts manifesting in the body as obesity.
  • Exercise can also help you achieve a healthy BMI If you are overweight, especially if your weight gain is due to PCOS, it can make getting pregnant harder.
  • Thus Make Fertility exercise a part of your weekly routine, your daily routine, and combining it with a balanced diet, will help you lose weight.
  • However, it’s also important to note that having a BMI that is too low can also negatively impact your fertility.

Disadvantage of Excessive Exercise

But Remember one Thing, too much of a good thing can be bad in some situations. Excessive exercise and infertility has a strong connection between them, so overdo exercises in a strenuous manner also increased levels of infertility.

Please keep in mind that too much exercise can actually have the opposite effect.

Too much exercise effect

  • Effects your menstrual cycles altogether.
  • It can also cause undue stress on your body and hamper your ability to get pregnant.
  • Ovulation in women.
  • Luteal phase

The luteal phase is the time period between ovulation and your expected period also known as the “two week wait”, normally between 12 and 16 days. A shorter luteal phase can interfere with getting pregnant, So Proper Exercise Strategy can help your odds of conceiving and systematic exercise regimen may boost fertility.

Exercise for fertility improvements

Best exercises which are the most beneficial for those trying to get pregnant. The best exercises for conceiving are the ones that you enjoy.

Starting a Fertility exercise regimen is best at least three months before you plan to start trying. Knowing the right exercise to increase fertility is essential in helping you maintain your health without impacting your chances of conception. But if you have any health issues or are immediately starting infertility treatment, please check with your physician prior to starting a new exercise regimen.

Best Exercises for conceiving are

01. Cardio exercise :

Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, aerobics, Zumba are Best Fertility Boosting Exercises as these exercises can increase circulation in the body and Good circulation of blood is essential for a healthy pregnancy (15 minutes of brisk walking or jogging each day and gradually increase it to 30 minutes is sufficient)

02. Stretching and flexibility:

Always perform stretching exercise before working out. These will increase your flexibility, relieve tension and lower the chances of any injury while working out.

03. Strength training

  • Weight lifting is one of the best ways to stay in shape and strengthen your core muscles.
  • Lifting weights, within your comfort, can help build muscle mass in the body and enhance stamina. Try moderate strength training, preferably with a trainer three or four days in a week.
  • In the same way, lifting small weights regularly can build endurance in your upper abdomen, pelvis and the legs, making them stronger to carry a healthy pregnancy

4. Yoga

  • Prenatal yoga is talked about a lot these days and if you are planning to conceive
  • Yoga is helpful before, after and through the pregnancy.
  • it helps in toning the body as well as works towards clearing away stress and tension
  • Yoga promote a healthy connection between your mind and body needed to support a pregnancy.

5. Pilates

Pilates makes your muscles flexible, improves strength, posture and does not strain your body while you exercise. It can also promote fitness levels and balance out other reflexes, making sure that your body stays healthy all through those nine months.

Aside from the all above mention Fertility exercises one can also go for anything that gets your heart pumping, even gardening or housework, is good for your body and future baby.

Effects of Exercise on Me

In the world of fertility treatment, there are lots of tips, guidelines and treatment for treating female fertility, but guidelines for improving male fertility is still limited.

Thus many male partners are unaware of how they can optimize their health and how they increase their fertility.

Here we are describing some facts and ways, men can take to play an active role in the fertility treatment process

  • Men can optimize and increase their fertility through healthy exercising, weight loss and nutritional modification.
  • Boosts testosterone: exercise boosts testosterone.
  • Male Obesity is nowadays plays a major contributor to poor sperm quantity and quality. Obesity can be modifiable by weight loss combined with exercise and nutritional support.

Well at the End, we want to say that: It’s never too late to start exercising. Consult your doctors today as it’s always a good idea to get your doctor permission on your Fertility Exercise Routine. Once you get the go-ahead, be sure to listen to your body, with the permission of your doctors, Give a good start kick to your pregnancy.

Making Fertility exercise a regular habit before trying to conceive can help you feel good throughout your pregnancy
It may increase your stamina for labour and delivery, and shed the baby weight faster.

So..Don’t wait and Get..Set..Go…
Getting or staying fit on your path to pregnancy does miracles for you and your future baby

Frequently Asked Questions:

Needless to say, walking is one of the safest and easiest ways to stay healthy and fit for any individual. When you are in the early stages of conceiving or thinking about getting pregnant, just increases your physical activity and going on regular walk to multiply your chances of pregnancy. Walking is a fantastic way to get active when you’re trying to conceive, especially if you’re initiating a fitness routine. Low impact exercise like walking is low risk, but can still get your heart rate up. Investing in a pedometer or fit bit is a great way to keep you motivated and track your progress. It’s recommended to be active at least 30 minutes a day, and talking a 10 minute walk three times counts! It’s also easy to incorporate walking in to your daily life. Get off one stop earlier during your commute or walk to the supermarket rather than driving – your steps will soon add up!

If you are a regular runner then you should be totally fine to continue with your routine when trying to conceive. However, there are cases when exerting yourself and pushing your running limits could impact your fertility. The key is to keep an eye on your menstrual cycle. If you start to have abnormal cycles or miss periods, you should speak to your doctor about your fitness routine. This can sometimes happen if your tough training causes your BMI to get too low. If your BMI is the low end of twenty or below, it might be advisable to try and put on a little bit of weight.

Research shows that women who are trying to get pregnant should follow a daily exercise routine of 30 minutes.

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