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Coping With Infertility

Our Role: There are certain points you must remember about the emotional side of infertility treatment that is frustration, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, and blame are all human responses to the ups and downs of infertility treatment.

Coping With Infertility

  • Infertility is a couple’s issue and not just a woman’s problem. Therefore indulging in blame games is not the right thing.
  • Infertility is a very personal issue, that you may feel hesitant to share with anyone. you feel reluctant to share your emotional experiences which may end up making you feel isolated. Thus it is important to communicate with your partner during this time. In fact, by supporting each other through this process, many couples have actually strengthened their relationships.
  • there is a different ways for men and women to react to infertility.
  • There are various options of fertility treatment that are available “ including recent major treatment advances.

Regardless of who you are – manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all, you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you specialist care and warm attitude, that are constant values for our staff.

Family, Friends and You

If you have a very close relationship with your friends and family whom you can depend upon then it is advised to be together in this tough time. An understanding partner who has the same goals as you, and friends and family who are quite helpful can help you overcome this situation strongly.

Although friends and family may mean well, you may find that there are some people in your life who get it better than others do. You must listen to such people and derive strength out of them.

There is no shame in undergoing infertility treatment. You can overcome this by keeping the lines of communication open by having a strategic plan and thus keep your relationship vital by keeping your sense of humour and give time to enjoy each other’s company.

Your should not only rely on your partner but try and build a strong and close network of people you trust like family members and friends. Infertility can put terrifying stress on your overall health including your emotional well-being and a mental health professional can help you get through rough periods.

Each person has a different way of handling stress and pain. Some people may take out their stress by writing their thoughts in a journal while some may go for meditation or yoga or as a stress buster. Coping strategies might be different for everyone but they have a common aim of making you feel better and handle the situation efficiently. Sometimes it becomes important to acknowledge the loss to overcome it eventually such as mourning over a miscarriage, a failed fertility procedure or something as difficult as the dream of becoming parents.

People experiencing infertility sometimes punish themselves by denying themselves the simplest pleasures of life. A lot of time is consumed undergoing the treatments and planning for the future that couples ignore the significance of discovering happiness in the present.

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