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How PRP ovarian rejuvenation

How PRP ovarian rejuvenation is Done-Step by Step procedure?

| 25 Oct 2023 | 47377 Views |


If you’ve been keeping tabs on the fertility world, you might’ve heard of PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation. It’s a buzzword that’s been floating around, and today, we’re diving deep into this topic, right from the heart of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, at the renowned India IVF Fertility clinic.

What is PRP?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a component of your blood that’s chock-full of growth factors. These growth factors play a crucial role in healing. When we talk about ovarian rejuvenation, we’re essentially discussing giving those ovaries a bit of a pep talk, using your body’s own natural components.

The Step-by-Step Procedure

So, how’s it done? Let’s break it down :

The Step-by-Step Procedure

Embarking on the medical journey of PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation can seem like uncharted territory, but worry not! We’re here to guide you through every twist and turn. So, fasten your seatbelts as we unravel the intricacies of this procedure.

1. Blood Collection

Everything starts with a bit of your essence – your blood. And trust us, it’s as routine as any blood test you’ve ever had. An adept phlebotomist ensures the collection is swift and as comfortable as can be. A few vials are drawn, ensuring there’s enough to work its magic.

2. Separation

With the blood in hand, the real magic begins. The sample is spun in a centrifuge. But here’s the clincher: not just any centrifuge, but the type plays a monumental role in the success rate of ovarian PRP. This spinning motion separates the blood’s components, with the coveted Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) settling at the base. This PRP is what we’re after! And at the India IVF clinic, they leave no stone unturned. They employ a top-tier machine, a marvel imported straight from Germany, equipped with patented technology. It’s all about precision and quality!

3. Activation

Once the PRP is separated and ready, it’s time to stir it into action. A sprinkle of calcium chloride awakens the platelets, prompting them to release their stash of growth factors. Think of it as giving them a gentle pep talk, Time to step into the limelight!

4. Injection

This step is where expertise truly shines. The activated PRP is prepped for injection. However, this isn’t a mere injection. The procedure is carried out under General Anesthesia (GA) by a trained IVF specialist. With the aid of Ultrasound Guidance (USG), the specialist, with a surgeon’s precision, injects the PRP into the ovaries. And mind you, this requires a significant degree of expertise. Imagine targeting something the size of an almond, ensuring utmost precision. It’s an art and science combined, highlighting the importance of the procedure being in the hands of experts.

5. Recovery

With the procedure wrapped up, it’s your time. Recovery is paramount. Though the procedure is minimally invasive, it’s crucial to give your body the rest it needs. There might be slight discomfort, but it’s nothing a day of relaxation can’t ease. So, nestle into your favorite spot, let loose, and allow the PRP to weave its rejuvenating spell on your ovaries.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique. Always maintain open communication with your healthcare provider to ensure clarity every step of the way. Knowledge is your compass, guiding you smoothly on your fertility voyage. Here’s to new beginnings and hopeful tomorrows!


PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation is a game-changer, and understanding it can be the first step toward a brighter fertility journey. With India IVF Fertility at the helm, you’re in good hands. So, here’s to new beginnings and hopeful tomorrows!

FAQs about PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation

It aims to improve ovarian function, especially for those who might've had a bit of a rough time with their egg quality or quantity.

Nah! Most folks describe it as a slight pinch. And guess what? The team at India IVF Fertility is there to make it as smooth as butter.

You'll be in and out in no time! Typically, it takes about an hour or so.

Every procedure has its risks, but they're minimal here. Always best to chat with the experts at India IVF Fertility for the nitty-gritty.

Almost immediately. But hey, who doesn't love an excuse to chill and binge-watch their favorite series?

Costs vary, but the value? Priceless. Especially when you consider the expertise at India IVF Fertility.

Usually, one's enough. But again, a heart-to-heart with your doc is the way to go.

Most can, but there are always exceptions to the rule. A thorough evaluation is key.

With branches in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, they're the crème de la crème. Stellar reputation, state-of-the-art tech, and a team that genuinely cares.

Kinda, but not quite. The concept's similar, but the application? Apples and oranges, my friend.

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