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Ovarian Stem Cell Treatment for Low AMH in Noida

Revolutionary Ovarian Stem Cell Treatment for Low AMH in Noida – India IVF Fertility

| 24 Jun 2024 | 47435 Views |


IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, has become a beacon of hope for many couples struggling with infertility. India IVF Fertility, with its clinics in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Srinagar, and Ghaziabad, is at the forefront of this revolutionary treatment. This blog aims to shed light on one specific aspect of fertility treatment: ovarian stem cell treatment for low AMH in Noida.

What is Low AMH?

AMH, or Anti-Müllerian Hormone, is a substance produced by ovarian follicles. It’s a key indicator of a woman’s ovarian reserve. Low AMH levels suggest a reduced number of eggs and can be a significant challenge for those trying to conceive.

Understanding Ovarian Stem Cell Treatment

Ovarian stem cell treatment is a cutting-edge procedure designed to boost fertility in women with low AMH levels. By utilizing stem cells, this treatment aims to rejuvenate the ovaries and enhance their ability to produce healthy eggs.

Why Choose India IVF Fertility for This Treatment?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: We use the latest technology to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Personalized care: Each patient receives a tailored treatment plan.

The Procedure

1. Consultation: Initial assessment and planning.
2. Stem Cell Extraction: Harvesting stem cells from the patient or a donor.
3. Processing: Preparing the stem cells for transplantation.
4. Transplantation: Injecting the stem cells into the ovaries.
5. Follow-up: Monitoring progress and adjusting the treatment plan as necessary.

Benefits of Ovarian Stem Cell Treatment

  • Increased egg production: Potential to produce more eggs.
  • Improved egg quality: Healthier eggs increase the chances of successful conception.
  • Hope for the future: Offers a new option for those with low ovarian reserves.


India IVF Fertility in Noida is pioneering ovarian stem cell treatment for women with low AMH levels. With state-of-the-art facilities, expert care, and a personalized approach, we provide hope to those struggling with infertility. If you’re facing challenges with low AMH, consider exploring this innovative treatment option at India IVF Fertility.


AMH, or Anti-Müllerian Hormone, indicates a woman's ovarian reserve, crucial for fertility.

It involves using stem cells to rejuvenate the ovaries and enhance egg production.

Yes, it's a safe procedure when performed by experienced professionals.

Women with low AMH levels struggling with infertility.

Success varies but many women see significant improvements.

The entire process can take several weeks to months.

Side effects are minimal but can include mild discomfort.

Costs vary; a detailed consultation can provide more information.

Yes, it can be combined with other treatments.

Recovery is quick, with most women resuming normal activities shortly after the procedure.

About The Author
Dr. Richika Sahay

MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst & Gyne), MNAMS, MRCOG (London-UK), Fellow IVF, Fellow MAS, Infertility (IVF) Specialist & Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon,[Ex AIIMS & Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi]. Read more

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