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IVF Clinic in Noida for Azoospermia

IVF Clinic in Noida for Azoospermia: Innovative Low Sperm Treatment at India IVF Fertility

| 14 Jun 2024 | 30579 Views |


Male factor infertility mainly includes azoospermia and low sperm count, both of which are hard to deal with. Fortunately, today, however, there are advanced treatments to help couples face these challenges. India IVF Fertility has clinics located in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Srinagar, Gwalior, and Ghaziabad that offer innovative solutions to male infertility to include testicular PRP and testicular stem cells.

Understanding Azoospermia and Low Sperm Count

Azoospermia is a condition where no sperm are present in the ejaculate. Low sperm count indicates when the sperm count is less than 15 million per millimeter of semen. Both conditions may affect fertility; however, treatment for curing such issues is possible by enhancing the quantity and quality of sperm.

Why India IVF Fertility?

India IVF Fertility has state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, expert specialists, and the most patient-friendly approach. Some reasons why should you opt for it are:

  • Expert Team: The team is headed by the top fertility specialists.
  • Advanced Technology: Latest in treatments and equipment.
  • Personalized Care: Very personalized treatment plans that are chalked out for each patient.

Advanced Treatments for Low Sperm Count

India IVF Fertility has special treatments that effectively address the issues of Low Sperm Count and Azoospermia.

Testicular PRP

Testicular PRP is a treatment where concentrated platelets from the patient’s blood are delivered directly into the testicular tissue. Platelet-rich plasma can stimulate spermatogenesis, increasing sperm count and quality.

  • How it Works: The PRP contains growth factors that promote tissue regeneration.
  • Benefits: Non-surgical, minimal downtime, enhances natural sperm production.

Testicular Stem Cells Treatment

Stem cell treatment aims to rejuvenate or replace scarred and impaired testicular tissue, which in turn promotes the generation of sperm.

  • How it Works: The isolated or segregated stem cells are obtained and injected into the testes.
  • Benefits: Offers a promising technique in correction for normal spermatogenesis, ideal in extreme conditions of azoospermia.


India IVF Fertility is a beacon of hope for couples battling male infertility issues such as azoospermia and low sperm count. With treatments in the form of advanced testicular PRP and testicular stem cells, these solutions promise to be innovative. They can increase your chances of conception you considerably. If you are struggling with infertility, think about some of the innovations available at India IVF Fertility: Testicular PRP Therapy and Testicular Stem Cell Therapy.


Azoospermia is a term used when there are no sperm present in the ejaculate, and these can be because of reasons like genetic disorders, infections, or other kinds of obstructions.

Administering platelet-rich plasma into the testes, then it functions by stimulating sperm production through growth factors.

Azoospermia refers to the absence of sperm in the ejaculate, and if extreme, it could be treated by repairing damaged testicular tissue with stem cells.

Generally speaking, neither PRP nor stem cell treatment is painful, but some patients may feel some slight soreness at the site of the injection.

There are a few variations of results, but most patients feel the improvements in sperm count and quality starting within a few months.

Generally and specifically for fertility treatment, PRP and stem cell therapies are seen to be relatively safe.

PRP or stem cell therapy may be an option for those with low sperm count or azoospermia who have not seen improvement with traditional treatments.

Success rates can depend on individual conditions, but most patients show marked improvement in sperm production and fertility.

No, both these treatments are usually day-care procedures, and the patient is discharged on the same day.

Yes, you can consult with them on their website, which is, or by contacting them on the mentioned contact numbers or their clinics in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Srinagar, Gwalior, or Ghaziabad.

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