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Surrogacy and IVF

Difference between Surrogacy and IVF: Unveiling the Basics, Success Rates, and Choosing the Right Option

| 13 Oct 2023 | 53916 Views |


When beginning the journey towards parenthood, many couples find themselves at a crossroads, pondering between the promising pathways of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and surrogacy. So, what’s the real deal here? At India IVF Fertility Clinic, with locations in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, we’ve got your back, guiding you through these sometimes bewildering choices. Let’s roll up our sleeves and break it down!

Difference between Surrogacy and IVF

  • In the vast realm of fertility treatments, two giants stand tall: IVF and surrogacy. But each has its unique essence:
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) : It’s like a behind-the-scenes magic show. Eggs are retrieved, fertilized outside the body, and the resulting embryos are implanted back into the uterus.
  • Surrogacy : Think of this as tag-teaming. Here, another woman carries the baby on behalf of the intended parents.

Basic Difference between IVF and Surrogacy


Direct involvement of the biological mother.

Eggs from the mother, sperm from the father.

The embryo is placed in the biological mother’s womb.

Surrogacy :

  • Involvement of a surrogate mother.
  • Can use the intended parents’ egg and sperm or donor’s.
  • The embryo is placed in the surrogate’s womb.

IVF vs Surrogacy: Which Is the Better Option For You?

Let’s dive in deeper! When weighing these options, a few considerations might tip the scale:

  • Medical Conditions: If a woman can’t carry a pregnancy due to medical issues, surrogacy might be the golden ticket.
  • Age: The ticking biological clock! As age progresses, IVF success rates can decline.
  • Personal Choices: Some folks are just more comfortable with one procedure over the other. And that’s A-OK!

The success rates between IVF and surrogacy procedures:

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

IVF success rates:

  • Below 35 years: 40-45%
  • 35-37 years: 30-35%
  • Above 38 years: Can decline to below 20%

(These figures are approximate and can vary based on individual health factors.)

Surrogacy success rates:

  • With a healthy surrogate: Ranges between 60-80%

Whoa! Those are some solid numbers. But always remember, it’s about what’s best for you.


Choosing between IVF and surrogacy is like picking between apples and oranges—both have their merits. The choice is deeply personal and should be made after thorough research and consultation. At India IVF Fertility Clinic, we’re here to light your path. To new beginnings and hopeful tomorrows!

Frequently Asked Questions (Because we know you've got 'em!

IVF can be more cost-effective, while surrogacy involves compensation for the surrogate, making it pricier.

IVF typically requires a few weeks for one cycle. Surrogacy can take about a year, considering the surrogate's pregnancy duration.

Yes, surrogacy laws differ by country and even within regions. It's best to consult with a legal expert.

IVF can be physically demanding for the biological mother. Surrogacy, however, places the physical demand on the surrogate.

It varies, but several cycles might be needed for success. Always consult with your fertility specialist.

Often, yes. Clinics usually have a screening process, but intended parents can typically have a say in the final choice.

Legally binding contracts are in place to prevent such scenarios. But always ensure you're well-versed in local laws.

Absolutely! This is known as altruistic surrogacy. However, medical, psychological, and legal screenings are still essential.

No, these are averages and can vary depending on various individual factors.

The esteemed India IVF Fertility Clinic is located in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. A consultation can guide you further!

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