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6 Most Common Myths About IVF

6 Most Common Myths About IVF: Unraveling the Truth

| 19 Oct 2023 | 15252 Views |


In today’s fast-paced world, when news spreads quicker than wildfire, misconceptions can easily misguide an individual. Especially when it comes to IVF, many myths abound, often rooted in limited understanding, societal judgments, or plain fear. Let’s journey through these myths and shed light on the realities of IVF.

Common Myths About IVF

Myth 1: IVF is the First Line of Treatment for Infertility

Contrary to popular belief, IVF is not the immediate go-to solution for couples struggling with infertility. Numerous other treatments and methodologies precede it, and IVF is usually considered when other methods do not yield results.

Myth 2: IVF Guarantees Pregnancy

Well, wouldn’t that be wonderful? But alas, no medical procedure can guarantee 100% success. While IVF has a commendable success rate, various factors influence its outcome, including age, health conditions, and more.

Myth 3: IVF Always Results in Multiple Births

It’s a misconception probably stemming from widely publicized stories of IVF resulting in twins or triplets. However, the number of embryos implanted is always a calculated decision, and not all result in pregnancy.

Myth 4: IVF Causes Cancer and Other Serious Health Risks

This one’s a doozy! While some studies did raise concerns about the prolonged use of fertility drugs, there’s no concrete evidence linking IVF to increased cancer risks. Always trust peer-reviewed research and expert opinions over hearsay!

Myth 5: IVF is Only for Older Couples

Age might affect fertility, but it doesn’t discriminate. Many younger couples, due to various health reasons, might opt for IVF. It’s more about individual health conditions than age.

Myth 6: IVF is an Unnatural or Unethical Practice

IVF is a medical procedure, just like any other. The “unnatural” label often stems from personal beliefs or lack of understanding. Remember, the end goal is to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood.


As we conclude this enlightening journey, remember to always seek knowledge from trusted sources. Myths and misconceptions only hinder our understanding. The realm of IVF is vast, and it’s crucial to tread it with an open mind and heart.

About The Author
Dr. Richika Sahay

MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst & Gyne), MNAMS, MRCOG (London-UK), Fellow IVF, Fellow MAS, Infertility (IVF) Specialist & Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon,[Ex AIIMS & Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi]. Read more

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