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Conquering the Conundrum: Top 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Pregnant Naturally

| 17 Jul 2023 | 1387 Views |


Are you caught in the maze of conception confusion, trying to understand why the stork hasn’t visited your home yet? Don’t fret. Let’s break down this enigma together and get to the heart of the matter. In the journey of life, sometimes, the roads to parenthood aren’t as straightforward as we’d like them to be. But worry not, because India IVF Fertility is right here in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Gwalior, to guide you through this labyrinth.

Here, we will unfurl the top 10 reasons why you might be finding it hard to get pregnant naturally. But remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel!

Unraveling the Complexities of Fertility

Before we delve deeper, let’s get a bird’s eye view of the intricacies involved in natural conception:

  • The Ovulation Process: This is when the egg is released from the ovary, ready to be fertilized.
  • Fertilization: This occurs when the sperm meets the egg in the fallopian tube.
  • Implantation: The fertilized egg then attaches itself to the uterus wall.

However, certain factors can hinder this process, causing difficulties in conceiving naturally. Let’s shed some light on them.

Decoding the Top 10 Factors Impacting Natural Pregnancy

  1. Age: The biological clock ticks away relentlessly. A woman’s fertility starts declining after the age of 30, dropping more steeply after 35.
  2. Irregular Periods: Irregular menstrual cycles might indicate ovulation issues.
  3. Unhealthy Body Weight: Both, obesity and being underweight, can disrupt ovulation and reduce chances of pregnancy.
  4. Uncontrolled Chronic Diseases: Conditions like diabetes or thyroid can affect fertility.
  5. Tobacco and Alcohol: Excessive consumption can lead to fertility problems in both men and women.
  6. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Some STIs can damage the reproductive system.
  7. Exposure to Certain Chemicals: Prolonged exposure to pesticides, industrial chemicals can affect fertility.
  8. Stress: High levels of stress can interfere with the hormones that trigger ovulation.
  9. Poor Diet: Lack of certain nutrients can impact fertility.
  10. Structural Issues: Damaged fallopian tubes, PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids can hinder natural conception.


Fertility can feel like a convoluted web, full of twists and turns, but with a little help, you can navigate through it smoothly. Understanding the hurdles on your path is the first step in your journey towards parenthood. Remember, you’re not alone in this, and help is just around the corner.

At India IVF Fertility, our experts in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon are committed to enlightening and guiding you at every step of your fertility journey.

So, chin up and step forward with confidence. Your dreams of parenthood are within reach.


Yes, age plays a critical role in fertility. Women are born with a finite number of eggs, and this number decreases as they age. Additionally, egg quality also declines over time, which can further affect fertility.

A body mass index (BMI) that's too high or too low can disrupt regular menstrual cycles, inhibit ovulation, and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Yes, studies suggest that excessive smoking and alcohol consumption can negatively impact fertility in both men and women.

Irregular periods, changes in menstrual flow, and unusual PMS symptoms can indicate potential ovulation issues. A healthcare professional can provide a definitive diagnosis.

Yes, high levels of stress can interfere with hormones that trigger ovulation.

Yes, prolonged exposure to pesticides, industrial chemicals, and other toxins can affect fertility.

A poor diet lacking essential nutrients can impact fertility by disrupting hormone balance and ovulation.

Conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, fibroids, or damaged fallopian tubes can complicate natural conception.

About The Author
Dr. Richika Sahay

MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst & Gyne), MNAMS, MRCOG (London-UK), Fellow IVF, Fellow MAS, Infertility (IVF) Specialist & Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon,[Ex AIIMS & Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi]. Read more

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