Guide to Viability Scans

The Comprehensive Guide to Viability Scans: All You Need to Know

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Navigating the intricate journey of pregnancy can be overwhelming. There are terms to understand, appointments to keep, and scans to undergo. One such pivotal term in this journey is a “viability scan”. But what exactly does it mean? Is it a painful procedure? What does it cost, especially in a country like India? Let’s demystify these concerns together and journey into the world of viability scans!

Demystifying Viability Scans

A viability scan, also known as a pregnancy viability scan or fetal viability scan, is an early ultrasound examination carried out between 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy1. This is typically done to:

  • Confirm a pregnancy
  • Check the heartbeat of the fetus
  • Determine the number of embryos
  • Estimate the gestational age
  • Identify potential complications

Is a Viability Scan Painful?

Many people ask, “Is viability scan painful?” The answer is no, the procedure is typically painless. It’s performed by using a probe either on the abdomen (usg viability scan) or inserted into the vagina (transvaginal scan). The type of scan will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are and the doctor’s discretion. You might experience a little discomfort, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Viability Scan: Delving into the Details

Let’s break down some key concerns about viability scans:

Viability Scan at 8 Weeks

During a viability scan at 8 weeks, the fetus’s heartbeat can be detected, and the gestational age can be accurately calculated. At this stage, the baby’s basic structure is forming.

Fetal Viability Scan 5 Weeks

In a fetal viability scan 5 weeks, the sac where the baby grows can be seen, but it’s often too early to detect a heartbeat. However, every pregnancy is unique, and the results can vary.

Viability Scan Cost: An Overview

Viability scan cost can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location of the clinic and the type of scan used. As for the viability scan cost in India, it can range from INR 500 to INR 2,000, depending on whether the scan is abdominal or transvaginal.

Below is an indicative cost range for viability scans:

Type of Scan Cost Range (INR)
Abdominal Scan 500 – 1,200
Transvaginal Scan 1,000 – 2,000


Navigating the early stages of pregnancy doesn’t have to be a maze of confusion. At India IVF Fertility, we’re here to provide guidance, ensuring that terms like “viability scan” aren’t intimidating but a part of your informed pregnancy journey. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to fertility and pregnancy care with facilities in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Gwalior. Because we believe, understanding your journey is the first step towards a healthy pregnancy.

FAQs About Viability Scans

A viability scan is an ultrasound scan performed early in pregnancy to confirm the pregnancy's existence, check the baby's heartbeat, identify the number of fetuses, and detect potential complications.

A viability scan is usually carried out between the 6th and 10th week of pregnancy.

At 8 weeks, a viability scan can detect the fetus's heartbeat and accurately estimate the gestational age. The baby's basic structure begins to form at this stage.

At 5 weeks, it's usually too early to detect a heartbeat during a viability scan. However, the sac where the baby grows can be seen.

No, a viability scan is generally not painful. It may cause slight discomfort, but it shouldn't be painful.

A USG viability scan is an ultrasound scan used to confirm a pregnancy, check for the fetus's heartbeat, and identify potential complications.

The price of a viability scan can vary depending on the location of the clinic and the type of scan used. In India, the cost can range from INR 500 to INR 2,000.

Viability scans are generally accurate for confirming pregnancy, detecting the baby's heartbeat, and estimating the gestational age. However, they may not be accurate in identifying certain anomalies or complications.

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