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How many times IUI can be done

How many times IUI can be done?

| 24 Nov 2023 | 14774 Views |

When one first undergoes Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), concerns regarding procedure frequency are frequently raised. Fertility treatment patients are curious about the number of IUI cycles that may be performed and the factors that affect this decision. In this investigation, we clarify the issues and options related to the IUI process, offering guidance to those considering becoming parents.

How many times can IUI be done?

Numerous studies indicate that 90–95% of successful IUIs occur in three to four tries.

How many attempts are successful in IUI?

For women under 35, the success rate of IUI cycles is 10–20%; this percentage rises with subsequent tries, and after three cycles, there is a 30–60% probability of becoming pregnant.

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Can IUI be done every month?

It takes several efforts over six months to a year to conceive naturally and through intrauterine fertilization; fertility doctors advise couples under 35 to try for 12 months and those over 35 to try for 6 months before seeking help.

With 88% of all successful IUIs happening within three cycles and 95% within four, the majority of successful IUI pregnancies happen within the first three to four cycles.

Knowing when to stop treating a patient with advanced therapy, such as IVF, is important. The treatment may become more cost-effective per live delivery if the patient’s success rates plateau after three to four IUIs.

How many rounds of IUI are safe?

Before contemplating IVF, doctors advise women under 35 to do three rounds of IUI, with a guideline for up to six in carefully chosen cases. Age has a big influence on fertility.

Thus, it’s important to monitor ovarian reserve levels. Age has an impact on this figure, although IUI has a 10%–20% success rate every cycle, with 88% requiring 3–4 rounds and 95% after 6 cycles.

For women under 35, three cycles are advised by doctors, and for those over 40, three rounds. IUI is a wonderful place to start for instances such as hormone imbalances, infertility due to male factors, or infertility that cannot be explained. However, it may not be appropriate for every pair.

What is the maximum number of IUI cycles?

According to the study, consistent clinical pregnancy rates can be achieved by administering up to eight cycles of ovarian stimulation-intrauterine insemination before in vitro fertilization.


In summary, the choice of how often to have an IUI is complex and based on a number of variables, including age, general health, and past results. After a few tries, some people might succeed, while others would need to look into other solutions.

It becomes essential to speak with a fertility professional to determine the best course of action given each set of circumstances. Making educated decisions and encouraging optimism and resiliency on the path to starting a family are made possible by having a clear understanding of the potential and limitations of IUI.

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