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Fertility window

| 08 May 2020 | 2418 Views |

If you are aware of the days of fertility, it naturally enhances the possibility of getting pregnant. The common menstruation period is nearly 28 days, but it differs for each woman.

There are nearly six Fertile days throughout every menstruation period when a woman can get pregnant. This is known as the fertile window. You can then take the help of the Ovulation Calculator to find which you have a high chance of fertility.

The ovulation calculator computes a highly possible Fertility window/ovulation window and other associated data. The forecast is based on a woman’s recent period date. It is more effective in females having a regular menstrual cycle. This calculator is not considered a helping indicator of birth control.

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Ovulation Period and Conception

Ovulation in a woman is the procedure in which ovarian follicles burst and discharge one or more mature eggs from the ovaries. In general, the ovulation period happens four days previously and later than the middle phase of a woman’s menstruation period (fourteen days prior to the beginning of a woman’s upcoming menstruation cycle).

Day ten to eighteen of the menstrual cycle is usually the most Fertile period of the menstrual cycle. This is crucial when a female is endeavoring to get pregnant because egg fertilization can only take  12 to 24 hours post-discharge throughout the luteal stage. When mature eggs swim through fallopian tubes in the direction of the womb, sperm can stay alive in a female body for up to 5 days, and continuous intercourse for five days prior to and during the day of ovulation can increase the chance of getting pregnant. If it is fertilized, the egg will be transplanted into the womb after 6-12 days. If not, then menstruation takes place, and blood and mucosal tissue from the internal lining of the uterus is debarred.

A woman becomes extremely fertile during ovulation (While the egg is discharged from the ovaries) which generally takes place 12 to 14 days of the Fertility calendar prior to her next period begins. This is the moment of the month when you have a high chance of conceiving a child.

What is the ovulation period?

Ovulation Prediction: Several people have a desire to forecast their ovulation date or Fertility days, frequently to enhance the possibility of conceiving a baby. Few common methods are described here to do so.

Ovulation Calculator: Tracking Menstrual Cycles

The Ovulation Calculator utilizes the technique of tracking the menstruation period to forecast when ovulation takes place. We know that 10 to 18 days of menstruation period is commonly the most fertile window of menstruation period, female with regular periods can easily estimate at what time they are in ovulation and most fertile to get pregnant. Menstruation periods differ from woman to woman, and women without a 28 days menstruation period might require tracing their menstruation period to know precisely what ovulation is likely to take place.

The 1st of the menstruation period is the day that bleeding begins, and it finishes the day that bleeding starts again. It can be beneficial to preserve a menstrual calendar on how consistent your periods are. If they are consistent, other techniques might be more authentic for predicting when ovulation will take place.

Can I get pregnant just after my period has finished?

Yes, however, it is unlikely. If you have done sexual intercourse without using precaution, then you can get pregnant at any time throughout your menstruation period, even throughout or after the completion of the period.

You can conceive even if you have never had a period previously, throughout your 1st period, and post the 1st time you have had sexual intercourse.

But there is no safe duration of the month you can have sexual intercourse without protection because you can get pregnant anytime. So always prefer protection if you don’t want to get pregnant. But there is a time in the menstruation period when you are highly fertile, and in this phase, you have a high chance of getting pregnant.

The ovulation calculator helps in guessing your Fertility Window, but it doesn’t give surety of birth control and conceiving. Any medical experts do not recommend the calculation and details on the website. You need to consult your surgeon for family planning and birth control procedure suitable for you

The fertility Window varies for every woman and it can vary from month to month in the same female. Consult your doctor about your fertility if you want to conceive or do family planning.

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