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Double Trigger Injection IVF: A Comprehensive Guide

| 20 Jun 2023 | 1757 Views |


There’s an air of excitement here at India IVF Fertility. Our clinics, located in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, have been a part of many such ‘door opening’ journeys, and today, we’re delving into one of the unique methods that have changed the game in fertility treatments – Double Trigger Injection IVF.

The Role of Double Trigger Injection IVF

Double Trigger Injection IVF, a concept that might seem as intricate as the workings of a Swiss watch, is actually quite simple when you break it down. It’s essentially a two-step hormonal ‘trigger’ used in IVF cycles to boost the maturation of eggs, thereby increasing the chances of successful conception. Think of it as the ‘double nudge’ that eggs sometimes need to make the big leap towards fertilization.

  1. First Trigger: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is typically used to mimic the natural LH surge, which induces the final maturation of eggs.
  2. Second Trigger: About 36 hours later, an injection of GnRH agonist is administered, leading to another wave of LH production.

This ‘double triggering’ may increase the number of mature eggs retrieved, thus enhancing the prospects of a successful IVF cycle.

Double Trigger Injection IVF: A Deeper Dive

For some women, traditional IVF protocols may not lead to the optimal number of mature eggs. This can be particularly true for women diagnosed with low ovarian reserves or those with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

The double trigger offers an alternative approach, pushing a little extra to get a few more mature eggs. It’s like that final pep talk before an important event, except this time, the event is the miraculous journey of conception.


As we wrap up our enlightening expedition into the world of Double Trigger Injection IVF, it’s essential to remember that every fertility journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it. At India IVF Fertility, we understand this, and our dedicated team of experts is ready to walk with you, offering tailor-made solutions for your fertility needs.

In the quest to unlock fertility, Double Trigger Injection IVF acts as a vital master key, a beacon of hope for many couples on their journey to parenthood. With the right guidance and support, your dream of welcoming a little one into your world could be just around the corner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Double Trigger Injection IVF

Double Trigger Injection IVF is a method used in IVF treatments where two hormonal triggers are used to stimulate the final maturation of eggs.

It can be beneficial for women with low ovarian reserves, those diagnosed with PCOS, or women who've had a low yield of mature eggs in previous IVF cycles.

Yes, the double trigger method is safe. However, like all medical procedures, it should be administered under the guidance of an experienced fertility specialist.

While the double trigger method can enhance the chances of a successful IVF cycle, it doesn't guarantee success. IVF success depends on several factors, including age, health conditions, and quality of sperm.

The single trigger method uses just one hormone to induce the maturation of eggs. The double trigger method, on the other hand, uses a second hormone, further boosting egg maturation.

The injections are typically administered subcutaneously, under the skin, by a healthcare provider or self-administered following appropriate guidance.

Side effects are generally minimal and can include mild bloating and discomfort at the injection site.

Double trigger injection IVF treatment is available at India IVF Fertility clinics, located in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Double trigger injection IVF treatment is available at India IVF Fertility clinics, located in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

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Dr. Richika Sahay

MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst & Gyne), MNAMS, MRCOG (London-UK), Fellow IVF, Fellow MAS, Infertility (IVF) Specialist & Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon,[Ex AIIMS & Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi]. Read more

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