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10 Things You Must Know Before Freezing Your Eggs | Oocyte Or Egg Freezing

10 Things You Must Know Before Freezing Your Eggs | Oocyte Or Egg Freezing

| 26 Jul 2023 | 1746 Views |


As we journey through the rollercoaster of life, certain moments invite us to halt and reconsider our paths. One such fork in the road is the decision to preserve our fertility, allowing us the freedom to explore our personal, professional, and emotional landscapes at our own pace. In such scenarios, oocyte or egg freezing emerges as a modern marvel of medical science. So, buckle up as we venture into the frozen tundra of this fertility preservation technique. Today, we are demystifying the process at one of the leading fertility clinics in India, the ‘India IVF Fertility’ clinic located in DelhiNoidaGurgaon and Gwalior.

Understanding Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a technique to conserve reproductive potential in women. It involves the extraction, freezing, and storage of a woman’s eggs (oocytes), which can be thawed, fertilized with sperm in a lab, and implanted in the uterus when the woman is ready to have a child.

Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing

There are several reasons why you might consider freezing your eggs:

  • Delaying childbearing due to career or educational goals.
  • A medical condition or treatment that can affect fertility.
  • Lack of a partner or a partner’s infertility.
  • A family history of early menopause.

The Egg Freezing Process

The process involves several steps:

  • Initial evaluation: This includes a review of your medical history and a few baseline physical examinations.
  • Ovarian stimulation: Fertility drugs are used to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs.
  • Egg retrieval: The mature eggs are retrieved from your ovaries through a minor surgical procedure.
  • Freezing and storage: The eggs are then immediately frozen and stored for future use.

Risks Involved

While the egg freezing procedure is relatively safe, there are a few risks involved:

  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS): In rare cases, the use of fertility drugs can lead to OHSS, where your ovaries swell and become painful.
  • Emotional risks: The process can take an emotional toll, with feelings of anxiety, depression, or regret sometimes experienced.
  • No guarantee of pregnancy: While the technology has advanced significantly, there’s no guarantee that undergoing the procedure will result in pregnancy in the future.
Success Rates

The success rates for pregnancy using frozen eggs depend on various factors like the age of the woman at the time of freezing, the method of freezing, and the overall quality of the eggs.

Egg Freezing vs. Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing, where a fertilized egg is frozen, has been in use for longer and has slightly higher success rates. However, egg freezing provides more flexibility for women who do not yet have a partner or are uncertain about using a sperm donor.

Cost Implications

The entire procedure, including medication, surgery, and storage, can be costly. However, some fertility clinics, including India IVF Fertility, offer financial plans to help make the procedure more affordable.

Time is of the Essence

The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decrease with age. Therefore, the younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the higher the chances of success when you decide to use them.

Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

Not all fertility clinics are created equal. When making this life-changing decision, ensure you choose a reputable clinic like India IVF Fertility, which boasts a team of experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a compassionate approach to care.

Post-procedure Care

After the procedure, you might experience minor bloating, cramping, or bleeding. However, these should subside in a few days. Regular follow-up with your healthcare provider is crucial during this period.


Embarking on the path of egg freezing is a significant decision, one that brings with it a flurry of questions, considerations, and emotions. As you traverse this icy landscape, remember that you’re not alone. Clinics like India IVF Fertility are committed to guiding you on this journey, arming you with the knowledge and support you need to make the best decision for you.

Ultimately, while the world of egg freezing might seem daunting, it’s merely another testament to the incredible advancements in medical science – a beacon of hope for countless women across the globe, safeguarding their dreams of motherhood against the sands of time.



Generally, the mid to late 20s to early 30s is considered the ideal age for egg freezing. However, it largely depends on personal circumstances and goals.

Technically, eggs can remain frozen indefinitely without losing their viability. However, legal regulations may limit the storage time.

While it's technically possible, it's generally not recommended due to the increased risks associated with pregnancy in later life.

You might experience some discomfort during the egg retrieval process, but it's usually managed with pain relief medication.

The number varies greatly depending on the individual's response to the medication. On average, about 10-15 eggs are retrieved per cycle.

Coverage varies greatly, depending on the insurance provider and specific policy. It's best to consult directly with your insurance company.

The success rate varies depending on various factors, including age and egg quality. On average, the live birth rate per thawed egg is around 2-12%.

No, egg freezing does not guarantee a future pregnancy. However, it does significantly increase the chances of pregnancy in the future compared to not freezing eggs.

If possible, it's recommended to freeze eggs prior to chemotherapy as the treatment can harm the ovaries and reduce egg quality.

If you're considering egg freezing, it's important to discuss your options with a fertility specialist. They can provide you with detailed information tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.

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