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Sperm Mobil

Are you thinking about what sperm mobility is or what is the complete scientific definition of sperm mobility? If yes, then you are at the right place. Keep reading to get all the detailed information regarding sperm mobility and other terms.

Sperm Mobil

What is sperm mobility?

Sperm motility is the word used to interpret the proficiency of sperm to move appropriately through the female reproductive area or through the water to fertilize the egg. Sperm motility can also be understood as the quality, which is a characteristic of successful fertilization; sperm that do not “swim” properly will not reach the egg to conceive it.

You must already know that sperm health is a very important factor that plays a vital role when it comes to a couple’s ability to conceive. In total there are six main criteria that are used to specify the health of sperm, we have mentioned them below.

PGS test Is Not suitable For Everyone

It is a noticeable thing that PGS treatment is an efficient method to search for the best quality embryo for transfer, but it is not suitable and suggested for everyone. The study and research show that this is modern technology, and it hasn’t been utilized widely. Generally, the medical application doesn’t alter till a method or test has been authenticated by mass, sequential clinical demonstrations. In so many causes, PGS is considered to be accurate and efficient mostly with couples who have gone through unsuccessful IVF cycles and numerous miscarriages, female counterparts who are older in age and utilizing their own eggs.

  • Volume of semen
  • Sperm motility
  • The shape of the sperm
  • The ability of sperm to pass through the mucus of the cervical and make its way toward the egg
  • Sperm reaction to acrosome
  • Sperm binding to the zona pellucida
  • Decondensation of nucleus
  • Presence of the right number of chromosomes and sperm

If any one of these criteria is not made, then it can lead to male-factor infertility. You will be surprised to know that around fifteen to twenty percent of couples all around the world are facing the problem of infertility in their life. Out of this percentage, 30 to 40 percent of infertility cases are due to male factors which also include sperm mobility.

In particular, there are two different kinds of sperm motility, which usually refer to the individual’s sperm ability to swim.

  • Progressive mobility- this usually refers to the mobility of the sperm in straight lines or big large circles
  • Non-progressive mobility- this term refers to the sperms that are not able to swim in straight lines or very tight circles

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What is non-motile sperm?

If we talk in a very simple language then non-motile sperms are those that are unable to move at all. Non-Motile sperms are not able to move their tail so that they can make progress in the forward direction. This can happen due to the structural or functional defect in the sperm during the production process of sperm.

You must be familiar with the fact that spam has to move a very long distance from the cervix to the uterus and then make its way towards the ampulla-isthmus region of the fallopian tube of a female to fertilize the egg. Due to this long-distance out of millions of sperms that are ejaculated in the vagina only a few can survive this long distance. The vital factor to successful fertilization is the ability of sperm to be able to make the forward progression throughout the female’s reproductive tract.

If a person has a percentage of more than 60 percent non-motile sperm, then there are very less chances of successful fertilization of the egg present in the female tract and this is known to cause male infertility.

Let us understand the relation between sperm motility and pregnancy

Before discussing the relationship between sperm motility and pregnancy, let us first discuss what is healthy sperm motility. Healthy sperm motility is defined as the speed with which spermatozoa (male gamete) make the forward progression of at least 25 micrometers per second.

Did you know that a condition where a male has poor sperm mobility is known as asthenospermia or asthenozoospermia? A male human is diagnosed with this medical condition when they have less than thirty-two percent of the sperm which are unable to move efficiently.

It is no surprise that there can be different types of sperm motility issues, which can include:

  • Very slow or sluggish forward progress of sperm
  • Non-progressive motility of sperm (which is defined as anything less than five micrometers per second)
  • No mobility of sperm at all

Healthy sperm motility is a very vital Factor in the fertility concept because spermatozoa or mail gamut need to make it to wade through the woman’s reproductive tract to reach the ampullary-isthmus region to fertilize the egg. A male who has poor sperm motility will have male factor infertility.

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How can I prove my sperm speed?

There are many lifestyle choices that people can adopt to improve the quality and speed of their sperm. Did you know that the cigarette you have in your hand every other minute, reduces your fertility and the research and surveys have shown that it also affects sperm motility?

Many recreational drugs which are popular in today’s society like cannabis, opiates and also excessive consumption of alcohol have been sure to reduce sperm quality and motility. This is the reason why doctors and healthcare experts advise people to avoid drugs and alcohol when couples are trying to conceive.

The utilization of PGS has increased a lot because it has been recommended by many doctors and patients who desire to get normal pregnancy through normal embryo transfer. Nearly PGS is performed in 35% of IVF treatment and is proposed to be utilized in half of the whole cycle.If you are someone who is overweight, you should consider losing weight because it has been shown that anyone with a body mass index of 25 or more has low quality and quantity of sperm. These people also suffer from male factor infertility and are unable to conceive.

You must know that the testes are present in the scrotum outside the body because the process of sperm production requires a temperature lower than that of the human body. This is the reason why there is a connection between an increased temperature and decreased quality and quantity of sperm in male humans. The ideal temperature for the process cost from production is around 94° Fahrenheit. You should consider wearing loose clothes and also ditch those tight-fitting underwear.

Also, you can take many short breaks if you are working in an environment that has a very high temperature for a very long period of time. If you spend most of your time sitting in one place, you should take breaks and go out to cool down your testicles.


Sperm motility plays a very vital role in successful fertilization leading to pregnancy. If a person has more than 60% of their semen as nonmotile sperm then there are very few chances of successful fertilization. This is known to cause male factor infertility.

There are many lifestyle choices that a person can adopt in their life to increase the quality and quantity of their semen.

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