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SARS COV 2 Spike antibody

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What is Semen Analysis?

As our nation prepares to unlock the arrival of vaccines and gets ready to get back to work, it is important to keep in mind that safety is of the highest priority. Now more than ever. It is extremely important to know whether our body has developed the necessary antibody to fight the SARS COV 2 Virus post vaccination. And this can be done through a simple blood test.

For the above objective, Metropolis Healthcare brings to you SARS CoV2 Antibody Quantitative against Spike Protein.

Before that let us understand what is a Spike protein.

Viruses have two different types of proteins – spike protein (S Protein) and nucleo-capsid protein (N Protein). The S protein is on the surface of the virus and the N protein is found inside the virus. Virus gains entry into human cells through its Spike Protein domain and hence most vaccines against coronaviruses are designed to target the spike protein. There are various vaccines available in market, some are specific against only Spike protein (e.g. COVISHIELD), while others produce antibodies against entire virus including Spike Protein.(COVAXIN).

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