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HIV qualitative



What is HIV -1 Proviral DNA Qualitative?
HIV -1 Proviral DNA Qualitative test is used to check for the presence of HIV provirus (human immunodeficiency virus) infection in the body. It detects the presence of viral genetic material (DNA) in the body through PCR ( polymerase chain reaction) and helps in early detection of the infection. This test is assumed to be more reliable than other serological tests. It is most commonly recommended in case of infants born to a HIV infected mother.

HIV infects white blood cells of the immune system and shows symptoms such as recurrent fever, extreme weight loss, chronic fatigue and shortness of breath. For the patients undergoing HIV treatment, this test is recommended regularly to check the efficacy of the process.

Why is HIV -1 Proviral DNA Qualitative done?
The test is required to be done to detect acute HIV infection in children and adults who are receiving treatment for the disease and also to determine the eradication of the virus in individuals.

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