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Original price was: ₹690.00.Current price is: ₹614.00.

Generic Name: L-Arginine with Shilajeet, Musli & Ashwagandha

 Packing: 30 capsules in a bottle.

Important Functions: Fertility, Libido, Performance enhancer

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  • Improves Sexual Function, Fertility and Libido.
  • Increases the success rate of IVF.
  • Men: Increasing count, improving quality, improving performance, and increasing drive.
  • boosting stamina and energizing the system
  • Helps in erectile dysfunction
  • Enhances exercise performance

Important Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Safed Musli
  • Ginkgo biloba extract
  • Ginseng extract
  • L- Arginine
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Musk Root
  • Shilajeet


Each Hard gelatin capsules

  • Fenugreek                             150 mg
  • Ashwagandha                       100 mg
  • Tribulus terrestris                100 mg
  • safed musli                            100 mg
  • Ginkgo biloba extract           30 mg
  • Ginseng extract                     60 mg
  • L- Arginine                             100 mg
  • Mucuna pruriens                  100 mg
  • Musk Root                              1.5g
  • Shilajeet                              150 mg

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