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Multiple IVF Failure Treatment

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    Multiple Failed IVF Multiple Failed IVF

    Multiple Failed IVF

    IVF (in vitro fertilization) is currently one of the few treatments in which the chances of successful infertility are high. You can simply look at IVF as a technique or medical equipment, which fulfils the wish of successful conception even in various dangerous problems of natural fertility. According to Sanjiv Navangul, Managing Director and CEO, of Bharat Serums & Vaccines, more than 5 lakh people in India rely on IVF treatment for conception.

    Today we will discuss in detail IVF failure in this blog. There are many such cases where IVF treatment fails continuously many times. Let us know why this happens, what are their symptoms, and what should you do if they fail.

    What is IVF failure

    What is IVF failure?

    IVF is a very popular method of medical fertilization. Various couples these days depend on IVF due to a lack of natural conception. But when this IVF fails 3 or more times in a row, it is called multiple IVF failures. IVF is placed in the category of failure only when the embryo is in good condition before going to the uterus but has failed after that.

    So if you have also been a victim of 3 consecutive IVF failures, then it can be kept in the category of Multiple IVF failures and it can also be a threat to health.

    Why does IVF fail?

    Let us tell you some of the causes of IVF failure and What is the most common reason for IVF failure? In medical science, there were several cases of IVF failure for different Reasons. However, the following are the major failed IVF reasons:

    Causes of IVF Failure

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    Multiple IVF Failures: What Are the Next Steps?

    Causes of IVF Failure

    embryo quality

    Embryo quality

    One of the main IVF failure reasons can be the poor quality of the Embryo. Many times, due to the non-identification of any defect in preimplantation genetic testing, there is a compromise in the quality of the embryo. This embryo is unable to grow and eventually becomes the failed IVF reasons

    Embryo transmitting issue

    Embryo transmitting issue

    It is a fact that embryo transmission is not a surgery but it is a very sensitive treatment. Therefore, even the slightest mistake or carelessness in this results in multiple IVF failures. This is the reason why we always recommend you to take IVF treatment from a skilled and experienced doctor.

    Eggs Age

    Eggs Age

    For the success of IVF, it is also important to have the right age of the egg. This is the reason that IVF for women above 35 years mostly fails. To have a successful conception, the egg needs to be healthy, while the quality of the egg starts deteriorating with age over 35.

    The success rate of IVF for women up to 35 years of age is 40%, whereas as it approaches 40, the success rate decreases to only 15% with difficulty.

    Uterine health

    Uterine health

    IVF failure due to abnormal uterine problem has been observed in various cases. Abnormal Uterine has an unusual shape, fibroids, polyps, etc. In such a situation, the embryo does not grow properly and causes multiple IVF failures.

    Sperm Quality

    Sperm Quality

    IVF treatment also fails due to abnormal sperm. Different sperm do not have the necessary enzymes, so they can break the outer layer of the egg and produce a quality embryo, as a result, it becomes IVF failure reasons.

    Habits and Lifestyle

    Habits and Lifestyle

    Habits and lifestyle is the most common reason for IVF failure. Smoking, drinking, lack of nutrition, autoimmune disorders, etc. come under lifestyle problems.

    Why does my IVF keep failing?

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    Treatment for your Multiple Failed IVF

    Although multiple Failed IVF means it is extremely tough to conceive a child but still in medical science we are the treatment for this also. There are more than one solution for it. But you must take of taking these treatments from the best and most experienced doctors


    • After multiple failed IVF, you are left with an option to try again. It means you can try again for IVF or ICSI, without repeating the old mistakes.

    Laparoscopy /Hysteroscopy

    • Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy can be a very effective way of treating your multiple IVF failures. This helps to explain the cause of IVF failure and it can also help to clear the blocked fallopian tube due to scar tissue.

    Gamete/ Uterine Rejuvenation

    • This is another very effective method for your frequent IVF failure. It checks the cause of your IVF failure and increases the quality of the egg and the number of platelets in the blood.

    Embryo Glue

    • Techniques like Embryo glue also increase the success rate of your IVF. With the help of Embryo Glue, the best quality Embryo is inserted into the uterus.

    Egg freezing

    • The success rate of IVF can be increased by egg freezing. Unfertilized eggs from the ovaries are frozen and stored, which are then used for successful IVF.

    IVF failure is a very painful and shocking time both mentally and physically. When this failure happens multiple times, then you need an experienced doctor and assistant. If you are also facing such problems, then India IVF is available for you. We have all the latest technology and tools so that we can ensure your successful IVF. We have helped many couples in IVF treatment, who are living happily with their kids to date and you can be next too. If this blog of ours is good and informative, then call us now because we have more tremendous skills and tools for your treatment. Our aim is your successful IVF treatment and we achieve our goal every time.


    There are no fixed failed IVF symptoms. When IVF fails, a woman does not see many symptoms. It often comes with similar feelings as pregnancy. However, your body gives some mild symptoms. For example, bleeding, cramping, and headaches. All these physical symptoms are seen even at the time of successful pregnancy.

    The right way to check IVF failure is to take a pregnancy test. During this test, the hormone HCG is checked which is done only after the successful implantation of the embryo. If this hormone is not detected within two weeks of IVF implantation, it means unsuccessful IVF.

    The truth is that the success rate of IVF treatment is only 30 to 35%. This means that more than half of the IVF treatments fail. There can be various reasons for the failure of IVF treatment. We have also discussed the major reasons above. Failure of IVF is common and also risky. But according to various data, there is at least a 30-35% success rate for people taking IVF treatment for the first time. But again it depends on various physical and personal qualities.

    Overall it is very difficult to tell what is its exact success or failure rate. It depends from person to person. You can collect details about your success rate before your IVF treatment.

    If IVF fails the first time, then it can be done again considering it is normal. But if your IVF is failing continuously, then there is definitely a big issue in this. For this, you should immediately visit an IVF specialist. You tell them your problem and they examine your cycle carefully, and understanding different aspects give you a final reason and conclusion.


    Hope you have got complete information related to IVF treatment failure. We have tried to solve all your common queries in this article. From the cause to the symptoms, all the information has been tried to reach you in practical and simple words.

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