About MACS

About MACS

Get Ready for better pregnancy rates with MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting)


The purpose of the magnetic cell sorting method or MACS is to enrich a specific cell type depending on their surface antigens (CD molecules) from a mixed population. The adaptability and specificity of magnetic bead cell isolation can be made possible by functionalized bead surfaces which exclusively accept a molecule or antigen (link) on the surface of a target cell. Magnetic beads are framed of a ferrous iron-oxide core surrounded by a polymer shell, or a magnetic ‘pigment’ rooted in a polymer matrix.

The sizes of the beads have an effect on their behavior in a magnetic field. If the beads are small in size, or paramagnetic, meaning that they have no permanent magnetism in zero magnetic fields, but will rapidly become magnetized as well as demagnetized the time application of external magnetic field is made and removed respectively. Magnetic bead cell isolation can be concluded in a single vessel without the requirement for a centrifuge or disposable columns.

More About Magnetic Cell Sorting Method or MACS MACS are the frequently used method of selecting cells by magnetic forces, and was invented and trademarked by Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Germany. Using this separation technique, the cells of interest are labeled with 50 nanometer diameter, super paramagnetic beads, and sorted with the help of a packed column. Separation can be successfully done by first coating the magnetic beads with an antibody, which is known to selectively hold together to the desired cell type, and incubating them with the sample.

In simple terms, (MACS) magnetic activated cell sorting sperm is a sperm preparation technique that segregates non-apoptotic spermatozoa based on the expression of phosphatidylserine in the  membrane of apoptotic sperm. It involves the use of tiny biodegradable magnetic particles attached to an antibody (adnexin V protein). This protein recognizes the sperm that is unhealthy and allows them to be separated from healthy sperm.So, we are able to obtain healthy sperm with the best physiological qualities to be used in assisted reproduction treatments.It is different from conventional semen analysis;

Over the past few years, male infertility has seen a rising curve among people in India and all over the world. The male factor is found in about 40-50% of all infertility cases, and in patients screened at India IVF center, male infertility has seen a jump from 45% in earlier times to nearly 66% in past few years. There are various factors that influence men's being fertile or not. It can be due to variety of reasons like genetic causes, infection, testicular or pelvic injury or a severe medical condition in modern times like diabetes.

Lifestyle factors such as, balanced nutrition, lack of regular exercise, work stress, exposure to environmental pollutants, etc. also play a role in the development of male infertility that might pose a challenge in reproduction process. Habits like cigarette smoking, illicit drug, and alcohol abuse negatively influence fertility in both men and women. MACS or magnetic activated cell sorted sperm is a method to bring back hope, and quality of sperm in males. This facility can be availed in India IVF Clinic with confidence and belief in our success rate.

MACS Benefits:

It increases the chances of fertilization of more eggs
It amounts to formation of better quality of embryos

Who can be benefited?

Couples with history of repeated failure of IVF/ICSI
Abnormal sperm parameter or varicocele
Men with a high degree of DNA fragmentation
Couples looking for high quality sperm selection through MACS
Men who have exceeded a certain age
Women with miscarriages or decreased pregnancy rates
Reduces chances of defective sperms, hence, less chances of transmitting of genetic defects to the offspring.
Unexplained infertility

Disadvantages of magnetic activated cell sorting

Expensive equipment used, hence costly for couples to go for MACS
Not validated; still in experiment phase
Results may vary person to person
Not useful with TESA samples

MACS technique allows the sperms with the best components to be selected for fertilization of an oocyte so as to develop into a healthy embryo therapy increasing the chances of successful and healthy pregnancy. If you choose MACS for your assisted reproductive technique, the procedure is almost similar to as before a standard semen test. The final decision about using MACS depends on sperm quality, egg quality, and financial abilities of a couple to go for such advanced technique. You should always discuss it with your doctor or embryologist at India IVF center before taking any decision.

About India IVF Clinic India IVF Clinic especially runs on team work by professionals in each area like IVF specialist, embryologist, etc. who are committed to fulfill your dream of having a baby? With Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla, you’ll get the best of IVF treatment with highest possibility of conceiving a healthy and quality sperm. We have partnered with international organizations like Joint Commission International (JCI), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), and more.

It gives you free and best consultation for your problems that too with testimonials of successful cases handled. In the field of ART or assisted reproductive technique, everyone here works collectively with utmost care to give you the best treatment as per your medical conditions. MACS are used specially for couples with failure in IVF/ICSI.

MACS (Magnetic-activated cell sorting) are a popular and commonly used technology used by the medical experts to ensure better and effective treatment. Separating the different cell populations using magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) based on their surface antigens need expertise. It should be performed under the close observation of an experienced and qualified medical professional only.

DNA fragmentation can’t, regrettably, be detected using microscopic methods like ICSI and PICSI. “Healthy” sperm can be used in various methods of infertility treatment such as IVF, ICSI, and PICSI. Embryos created by using these purified spermatozoa have better chance for normal and healthy development. Don’t shy; take free counseling TODAY at India IVF center!!!

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