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I-womb Technique

I-womb Technique

Another Milestone in IVF Treatment

i womb

A vast number of people suffer the pain of childlessness all over the world. In vitro fertilization or IVF treatment has come as a silver lining for all these people. The advancement of medical science through IVF treatment has made the dream of a child possible for couples facing infertility problems over a long period. Science is the other way of progression and, hence, scientists and doctors are researching continuously to invent further advanced techniques.

IVF technology is considered as a revolutionary invention in the field of medical science. It can make things easier and faster. It can save time and may reduce the overall cost. Technology has always helped in making life better. The growth and the use of the latest IVF technology will definitely help to treat infertility medical specialists and childless married couples increase their chances of a successful pregnancy.

Now, the application of modern science enables researchers to come up with advances in IVF technology that helps to ease the procedure. In the recent past, the i-womb (intelligent womb) technique is one such technique developed.

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About i-Womb Technique and Modern Embryology Lab

India IVF Fertility Clinic is one of the leading and trusted fertility chains in India. The highly qualified team at the center has introduced the latest approach ‘i-womb technique’ in the embryology lab. The growth of an embryo depends on a specific condition inside the womb such as a particular temperature, the level of CO2, and humidity. I-womb technique is to monitor such an environment that ensures to match where the patient’s embryos are grown. These conditions are being observed minutely round the clock, and any variation from such an environment is recorded and also transfers to the data in real-time.

The technique of i-womb is significant in implanting ultra-modern sensors and chips in equipment that enables the monitoring and recording of data. This new technology in IVF is an application or cloud system based on the web that represents graphical data to monitor in real-time. The quality of care and services has become a prime matter of concern in the present-day context of IVF services.

There is a huge variation in the quality of treatment and synchronization in services ranging from clinics that are well known for professionalism and high-grade services to clinics that are run by unskilled practitioners. The transparency concern to the safety aspects, effectiveness, and health outcomes of ART treatments is an increasing challenge for general people, patients, and regulators.

The standard of a laboratory is dependent on significant components like the procedure adapted, apparatus used, people handling the equipment, and the infrastructure of the lab. Like other industries, ART clinics can improvise the quality control system to fulfill the current requirement by monitoring and controlling the services delivery process. Implementation of a quality monitoring system is a salient tool that enables continuous improvement. In a way, the determination to meet the expectations of patients and stakeholders enhances the QMS.

IVF treatment is a sensitive procedure and requires a proper storing facility for the patient’s gametes and embryos. Hence, the laboratories are expected to maintain the utmost care for the protection of future parents and families. The embryologists, technicians, and specialists bear the responsibility for the patient’s safety and preservation of their samples until the completion of the treatment. The continuous research work by gathering consistent and accurate data points from storage units ensures the maximum possibility of an IVF process. The IVF affords various aspects of processing and storage of tissues and cells in the labs. It also must be equipped with the provision of alarms via audio, phone calls, emails, and SMS.

Specific parts of the laboratory need continuous observation. Incubators are under constant surveillance where babies are kept safe. The embryology laboratory is the room where all the equipment concerning the babies is kept. The other two parts are Cryois the equipment to keep babies in storage and refrigerators are the equipment to keep various things for the creation of the baby safely. The temperature of the incubator, humidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels, Cryo-storage vessels, and fridges are the different parameters being monitored by the system consistently.

The temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, and lab voltage of the embryology laboratory are also monitored continuously. The success rate of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) is affected by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). All the samples related to the patient like sperm, eggs, and embryos are preserved for future use in long-term storage or liquid nitrogen tanks. The samples are stored to ensure the complete guarantee of their feasibility and also well in advance warning of any possibility of storage tank failure is the solution the safeguard these valuable resources.

Sharing views on the i-Womb technique, the CEO of India IVF Clinic, Dr. Somendra Shukla said that i-womb technique is a new reproductive technology. He admits that the complete responsibility of monitoring the IVF process closely lies with the lab. A patient or customer puts in trust, money, time, effort, and eyes with great hope and the future of families lies in the hands of the labs offering infertility solution services.

He further said that India IVF Fertility Clinic also ensures the safety and maintains the honor of the patient embryos and samples in IVF labs as the future delivery of a healthy baby is dependent on these embryos and gametes. He further assures that India IVF Clinic is a fast-growing fertility chain engaged in serving as a high-quality and committed treatment service provider spreading smiles in different corners of the world.

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About India IVF Fertility Clinic

India IVF Clinic believes in innovation and technologies. We are in a continuous expansion process and today we have our fertility centers in over 14 different cities in the various states in the nation. We have the best and most highly experienced IVF Specialist Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla leading the varied IVF procedures. Patients from urban and rural areas visit us for valuable consultation and infertility treatment. We believe in customer service and offer highly satisfactory fertility treatment services in Gurgaon and other cities in India.

The new reproductive technology has proved to be a highly effective and result-based solution. Females have been taking unlimited advantage of these technologies to bring happiness in their lonely married life.

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