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Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy Journey: From Conception to Birth

| 14 Oct 2023 | 129247 Views |


Embarking on the journey of pregnancy? It’s a roller-coaster of emotions, physical changes, and endless anticipation! From the first flutter to that final push, each week brings its set of miracles and challenges. Here’s a comprehensive guide, courtesy of India IVF Fertility, your reliable fertility partner in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.


Pregnancy is more than just a growing belly; it’s a time of tremendous transformation, both physically and emotionally. While the end goal might be the same, every woman’s journey is unique. So, buckle up, dear reader, as we traverse the winding road of pregnancy.

The normal events of pregnancy

Being pregnant ain’t just about the ‘glow’; it’s about the grow, the show, and the countless “oh!” moments. The changes your body undergoes during these nine months are nothing short of a marvel.

Initiation of pregnancy

Remember the birds and the bees chat? Here’s a refresher! Pregnancy kicks off with fertilization. When a sperm says hello to an egg, and they decide to merge, that’s where our journey begins.

Diagnosis of pregnancy

Missed a period? Feeling a tad nauseous? These might be early signs. But how do we confirm? Through home pregnancy tests and blood tests at clinics like India IVF Fertility.

Symptoms and signs; biological tests

Apart from a missed period, some women might face nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue. Blood tests and ultrasounds are more definitive ways of confirming pregnancy.

Conditions that may be mistaken for pregnancy

Bloating, weight gain, or even mood swings don’t always mean you’re expecting. Some conditions like hormonal imbalances can mimic pregnancy symptoms.

Calculating pregnancy duration

From the first day of your last menstrual period, pregnancy typically lasts about 40 weeks. But remember, every baby dances to its own tune.

First trimester of pregnancy – conception to 12 weeks


The magical moment! Sperm meets egg, and voilà, life begins.

Pregnancy week 1-12

Over these weeks:

  • Pregnancy week 1 & 2 : Your baby is still a dream, but your body is preparing.
  • Pregnancy week 3 : Fertilization occurs. It’s the real deal now!
  • Pregnancy week 4 : Baby is microscopic but growing.
  • Pregnancy week 5 : Little heart starts to beat.
  • Pregnancy weeks 6-12 : Organs form, baby moves, and might even hiccup!

Second trimester of pregnancy – 13 weeks to 27 weeks

Pregnancy weeks 13-27

This is when many moms-to-be feel at their best. As we breeze through:

  • Pregnancy week 13 : Fingerprints are forming. Cool, right?
  • Pregnancy weeks 14 & 16 : Baby’s kicking and might even hear!
  • Pregnancy weeks 18-20 : Some moms feel movements now.
  • Pregnancy week 24 : Baby’s a fully formed tiny human.

Third trimester of pregnancy – 28 weeks to 40 weeks

Pregnancy weeks 28-40

Hang in there! It’s the final stretch:

  • Pregnancy week 28 : Baby’s blinking and dreaming.
  • Pregnancy week 32 : Those kicks? Stronger than ever!
  • Pregnancy week 36 : Getting into position for D-day.
  • Pregnancy week 40 : It’s go-time!

Where to get help

Feeling overwhelmed? No fret. Reach out to the experts at India IVF Fertility in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. They’ve got your back, every step of the way.


Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, one that’s better when you’re well-informed. We hope this guide has shed light on what to expect. Wishing all the expecting moms a smooth and safe journey ahead!


Typically, within a week after conception through blood tests.

Quite reliable, but always best to confirm with a medical professional.

Absolutely! But always consult your doctor first.

Typically, between 18-25 weeks for first-time mothers.

They provide comprehensive fertility solutions and guidance throughout your journey.

It's best to avoid raw fish during pregnancy.

As soon as you suspect you’re pregnant.

It varies but expect more frequent visits in the third trimester.

Absolutely, but always good to share your feelings with someone.

Yes, but always consult your doctor, especially for long trips.

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