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Treatment Of Blocked Fallopian Tube

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    blocked fallopian tube symptoms blocked fallopian tubes treatment

    Blocked Fallopian Tube

    blocked fallopian tube treatment

    Blockage of the fallopian tube can be one of the most painful problems in the naturally conceived baby. Firstly, it does not allow you to conceive because after the egg is released from the ovary, it never reaches the uterus where the sperm and egg actually meet. Even if the sperm reaches the egg, the Fallopian tube does not allow the egg to be released.

    This situation clearly shows how fallopian tube blockage reduces your desire to conceive. Normally, in most cases, the chances of conception of the patient are reduced when the fallopian tube is blocked.

    If you want to know the causes and symptoms of fallopian tube blockage then this article is for you. We will also be discussing at the end of this blog about what are the possibilities of being pregnant by IVF in case of a block of the fallopian tube and how it will be performed.

    Causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

    There can be more than one reason for the blockage of the fallopian tube. There is a risk of blockage of the fallopian tube due to various reasons. Let us look at some of the major causes of blocked fallopian tubes.

    Prior abdominal or pelvic surgery

    Abdominal and pelvic surgery performed in the past can be one of the main reasons for blocked fallopian tubes. This surgery is helpful in the formation of scar tissue, which can ultimately block your fallopian tube.


    Endometriosis is a very common cause of blockage of the fallopian tubes. In endometriosis, the tissue that should be formed inside the uterus begins to develop outside the uterus. Hence, it blocks the fallopian tube. Cysts and scar tissue form inside this endometriosis, which becomes the main cause of the blockage.


    Fibroids are another non-cancerous medical disease that blocks the fallopian tubes. These fibroids develop in the uterus and fallopian tube, which causes obstruction. A fallopian obstruction means that there is a blockage in it, which prevents the egg from reaching the uterus.

    Prior Ectopic Pregnancy

    If a woman has been a victim of ectopic pregnancy in the past, then the risk of blockage of the fallopian tube increases greatly. Ectopic pregnancy is the condition when the embryo begins to develop outside the uterus, such as in the fallopian tube. This creates problems in conceiving again as it causes the symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes for women.

    Sexually transmitted disease

    Sometimes the fallopian tube gets blocked due to sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea and chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammation, which blocks the fallopian tubes

    PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

    PID is a dangerous bacterial infection that occurs in the female genital organs, which travels through the vagina to the uterus and fallopian tubes and produces pain. This PID often causes the block of the fallopian tube.

    Tubal ligation

    Last but not least Tubal ligation is also the cause of blocked fallopian tubes. In tubal ligation, the fallopian tube is cut, tied, and blocked to prevent eggs from hatching for permanent birth control.


    Infertility Caused by Blocked Fallopian Tubes

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    Blocked fallopian tube symptoms

    Any woman who is going through the absence of pregnancy may ask: What are the signs of blocked fallopian tubes? In various cases, it is seen that women can feel pelvic pain, discharge, and high temperature in the form of tube blockage symptoms. But sometimes it also happens that you do not have any blocked fallopian tube symptoms. Whether you will see symptoms or not depends on what is the main cause of the tube blockage. Fortunately, today we have many such tools and methods, by which we can find out the condition of the blockage of the fallopian tube easily.

    Fallopian tube blockage treatment

    Whether the fallopian tube will be treated or not depends on the condition of your fallopian tube. Doctors have the option of laparoscopic surgery as a fallopian tube blockage treatment but only if your fallopian tube is blocked by mild scar tissue or adhesions. But if your fallopian tube is completely blocked by scar tissue, then its treatment is almost impossible. You can consult your doctor for its treatment and surgery or you can get a tube checkup done once.


    Hopefully, you will have learned about Fallopian tube blockage, its symptoms, and treatment in this blog. We also understood the role of IVF for pregnancy during fallopian tube blockage, but it is a very risky pregnancy method, that's why we recommend you seek treatment from an experienced and skilled doctor and ask about the chances of success before treatment.


    If you have only one fallopian tube block and the other is absolutely healthy then it is possible to get pregnant naturally. But in case, both your fallopian tubes are blocked, naturally, conception is difficult but still, you can get pregnant with the help of IVF.

    IVF treatment can help you get pregnant even after both of your fallopian tubes are blocked. but how? Embryos are developed by insemination in a laboratory controlled by the latest equipment and knowledge in IVF. Later it is transferred to the uterus in the laboratory itself. In this way, conception is also done without the help of fallopian tubes.

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