Training Programme for Doctors

A. Basic Infertility training course of 7 days

  • IUI stimulation protocols
  • Setting up of ART lab
  • History taking
  • Patient recruitment

Course Fees: 50K

B. Advanced infertility training course of 14 days

  • IUI stimulation protocols
  • Andrology
  • Cryopreservation
  • Legalities in ART
  • Fertility enhancing surgeries
  • Sonography in fertility

Course Fees: 75K

C. 4 Weeks Fellowship Program of “Advanced Infertility & ART”

Training program includes,

  1. Andrology
    • Here you will have hands on experience of..
    • Sperm counting
    • Semen processing for IUI/IVF/ICSI/retrieved sperm
    • Hands on IUI
    • Cryopreservation of sperm
    • Thawing – sperm banking
  2. Embryology-IVF
    • You will trained for selecting ideal protocol
    • Hands on experience with ovum pick up
    • Trained to identify OCC
    • Experience to handle unfertile embryos
    • How to do ET, embryo loading experience, freezing, thawing & vitrification process
  3. USG-Infertility related USG
    • Ovulation, COH monitoring.
  4. OPD
    • How to take history, which investigations why, how to convince patient for IVF/ICSI, cost effective IVF will be trained on patients and with patients, patient counseling-in failed case
  5. Cryofreezing of embryos, thawing, PESA, TESE procedure will be demonstrated.
  6. Fertility enhancing surgeries

Course Fees: 1 Lakh

Training Programme for Doctor
Duration Fees
7 Days  50K
14 Days  75K
4 Weeks  1 Lakh
6 Weeks  1.25 Lakh
3 Months  1.5 Lakh
6 Months  2 Lakh
1 Year for fellowship in Reproductive medicine  3 Lakh

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