What are the Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and IUI Success Rate?

IUI refers to the Intrauterine Insemination. It is one of the most efficient fertility treatment in which sperms is directly placed into the uterus of the female’s body during the period of ovulation so that sperms can directly reach the eggs.. During the process of Intrauterine Insemination, a thin catheter is inserted inside the opening curve of the uterus to transfer the sperm sample directly into the uterus. The term Insemination basically refers to the transfer of seeds into the uterus of the female’s body.

IUI Treatment Success Rate

The success rate of any kind of treatment decides its existence in the medical sector. There are several factors to determine the rate of success. It develops trust and confidence in the mind of the patients required to undergo such treatment. The overall IUI success rate is good across the globe.

It is the IUI Treatment Success Rate that has increased its demand. People are able to trust the procedure and coming forward for the treatment under the medical observation of expert medical professionals. The aim is to provide the required treatment at the right time.

The treatment of IUI is preferable by the doctor under the following circumstance:

Low sperms count
Issues with ejaculation
Same-sex couple wants to have a baby
Less movement in the sperms production

The IUI success rate depends upon infertility and age of the couple. However, the chances of conceiving a baby through the treatment of IUI are about 20%. The success rate is higher when looking at multiple cycles together. Researchers have a study that the success rate of the treatment per couple depends upon the age and the factors which lead to infertility in the couple.

As per the researcher’s report, the success rate varies in each cycle. For instance, 55.6% is for cervical factor infertility, 47.4 for infertility caused due to problems with ovulation. In the case of male infertility, the success rate for this treatment is about 41.7%. The cost of IUI is less expensive compared to the IVF treatment.

The given table depicts the chances of pregnancy through IUI treatment depending upon the age:

Under 35 10 to 20 percent
Between 35 to 40 10 percent
Women 40 and above 2 to 5 percent

The treatment of IUI takes a lot of patience but the good news is that you can become pregnant again and again. It may take between 3 to 6 cycles before your pregnancy occurs but you must have the willingness to try it multiple times.

About IUI Success Rate

The IUI treatment is beneficial for the couple struggling with the problems of infertility. The IUI treatment is cheap in its price as compared to In Vitro Fertilization. If the couple can’t afford the price of the IVF treatment, the treatment of IUI with multiple cycles is preferable considering the root cause problem of infertility. In the treatment of IUI, partner sperms can be used. The procedure of IUI is quick and painless. It doesn’t require anesthesia.

The IUI treatment begins within the first few days of the menstrual cycle along with the pregnancy test and ultrasound. The doctor makes the couple undergo a series of blood tests and ultrasound to examine the levels of estrogen, uterus lining and the growth of eggs. After evaluating the cycle, the doctor undertakes the treatment of IUI.

The doctor plans the proper steps to be taken for the treatment of IUI. After injecting the sperms produced by the male partner inside the uterus of the female body, the woman starts experiencing light cramping for 10 minutes. After the period of nine to 14 days, the doctor takes the urine pregnancy test and if the results are positive the doctor makes preparation for the blood tests and the ultrasound.

The IUI success rate varies between 5 to 20 percent keeping in mind the age and other health factors of the women. The IUI is a more affordable option for couples as its procedure is quite simple and the price is less expensive. However, if the women are unable to get pregnant, the doctor recommends the treatment of IVF.

The treatment of IUI is less effective in the case of women are suffering from severe pelvic infections, the women both fallopian tubes are removed or blocked, the women suffer from fallopian tubes disease, the men produce no sperms required for the process of fertilization.

What are the IUI Side Effects?

Every treatment comes with its advantage and disadvantages. There are certain risks involved with the treatment of IUI. The doctor during the treatment prescribes certain fertility drugs that increase the chances of insemination as it stimulates the ovaries which produce multiple eggs.

However, these fertility drugs produce certain side effects on the health of women. The most common IUI side effects are mentioned below:

Mood swings and depression
Nausea and headache
Blotting and rashes on the skin
Swelling around the injection site
Increase in breast size
Mild cramping
Risk of conceiving multiple pregnancies- twins, triplet or more
While placing the tube inside the uterus of the women, it leads to the bleeding in the vagina.
Discomfort in ovaries
Light spotting
Increased urination
Due to these drugs, the ovaries increase and sometimes it also leads to the twisting of the ovaries.
Increase in weight
Increase in abdominal size
Fluid building in the abdomen
Kidney problems

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is one of the dependable options for infertile couples. It increases the chances of a healthy baby. It is considered safe incongruence with other procedures. Many fertility doctors have been using IUI and are happy with the IUI success rate achieved. Unlike others, India IVF Clinic in Gurgaon has been treating couples deprived of parenthood using intrauterine insemination (IUI).. All the procedures are carried out under the close observation of the renowned fertility specialist Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla. One needs to be very careful while choosing a doctor for the treatment. You can have hundred percent trust in us and in our treatment procedures.

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