Embryo Glue

Embryo Glue

Embryo Glue Used in IVF Improves the Chances of Pregnancy


A hyaluronan-enriched embryo transfer (ET) method that helps in the more successful implantation of embryos is termed as Embryo Glue. The chances of pregnancy improve manifolds post using it, as Embryo glue success rates are quite higher. Embryo Glue is used as a part of the IVF treatment as it helps improve implantation and pregnancy rates. Today, it is in great demand. The rate of success is higher and many couples have been blessed by the treatment.

Embryo Glue is an embryo culture medium that has a high amount of substance named hyaluronan. Hyaluronic is a natural substance that is present inside our body tissues. This substance plays an important role in fertility as the levels of hyaluronan increase in the uterus during implantation.

Embryo Glue procedure is done at the last stage as a process of embryo glue in IVF treatment by an expert in the field. It has been made to ensure close resemblance to the environment in the vital female womb. It is an embryo transfer medium used in the final step of IVF treatment.


In many women undergoing IVF treatment, embryos are transferred into 50 μL of Embryo Glue at least 10-12 minutes before transferring it inside uterine cavity.

Before transferring an embryo inside the uterus on the day of your embryo transfer, it is cleaned using the special Embryo Glue solution. The solution includes higher amounts of naturally-occurring molecules and fluids that are present inside human bodies as well. The level of Hyaluronan will naturally increase inside the body when an embryo implants.

How is Embyro Glue used in treatment?

Embryo Glue is not glue, as many of you might think. It is made using a substance, hyaluronan that helps in making secretions stickier which improves the chances of its attachment to the lining of the womb. Hyaluronan, which is present in Embryo Glue, is a kind of carbohydrate found present inside our body. The substance has more carbohydrates, amino acids, and protein, which the embryo requires so that it can develop properly. Moreover, it also aid in strengthening the Embryo Glue, which reduces how much the embryo, can move around.

In case you have made up your mind to use Embryo Glue as part of your treatment, then it will help you get an optimistic result. The embryo(s) which are selected for transfer will be kept inside Embryo Glue and will be cultured for a short period to the point of embryo transfer. Though the entire procedure to transfer the embryo will remain the same, but in this method, the embryo will be transferred in Embryo Glue.

Are there any side effects and risks linked if embryo glue used in IVF treatment?

There is no risks linked to the usage of Embryo Glue but, still, it is recommended to get the best medical assistance as the experts have years of experience in the medical sector and use the best methods and techniques while transferring Embryo.


Many times higher work tension, busy lifestyle, among others that affect our bodies greatly, in turn increase the need to take the infertility treatment. Sooner we take the best treatment, better are the chances to conceive naturally. Thus, it is important to opt for the best fertility treatment IVF treatment under the observation of experienced fertility experts. The expert doctors and advanced facility inspires many couples to opt for this treatment due to the complexity of their medical history. You need to take a step forward and rest you can rely upon the specialists in giving you the best medical treatment.

Many studies have shown that embryo glue used in IVF improves the chances of both pregnancy and live birth. So if even years after your marriage and with repeated attempts, you are unable to conceive a child then, you must use the IVF technology and Embryo Glue that help you conceive a child without any complications.

There are many IVF clinics and IVF specialists you can find in and around you. But not all are dependable. So you need to be selective while planning for the infertility treatment or IVF, or Embryo glue procedure. You can connect with us at India IVF Clinic to get the best treatment by the renowned specialist Doctor Richika Sahay Shukla in Gurgaon. Contact us today for the appointment booking!


01. Does Embryo glue work?
Initially, there were many theories about whether a low-cost product will be able to help your embryo to implant? But later researches proved that Embryo Glue helps a lot during infertility treatment. The evidence suggested that clinical pregnancy and live birth rates can improve significantly by using hyaluronic acid. Other studies supported that embryo glue can prove much beneficial especially for the women who have repeated implantation failure or unexplained infertility.
02. Why should I consider Embryo Glue in IVF treatment at fertility clinics?
Fertility clinics are the best ones from where one can take this treatment as Embryo will be placed to check implantation failure. In case you have previous fertility treatments where everything seems promising, nice lining, good-quality embryos, normal uterine environment, etc. but, still if it failed, you must consider Embryo Glue as the part of the right treatment required.
03. Is Embryo Glue a stick?
Embryo glue isn’t glue as the name might sound rather it is a specially designed formula containing high levels of a substance named hyaluronan. Haluronan is also referred to as hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronan is present naturally inside the uterine lining. It helps make secretions stickier and aids the challenging process of implantation. Embryo glue helps mimics those endometrial secretions. During embryo transfers, the embryos are first dipped into the glue so that embryos can easily get attached to it and significantly and it enhances implantation.

There are some cases, where linings need an additional push, which is taken care during the treatment.
04. How does Embryo glue work?
Embryo Glue is a bridge of molecules that helps implantation. The inner wall of the womb and the embryo itself has special molecules on their surface. Hyaluronan binds to these molecules and acts as a bridge between the embryo and the womb. This helps in the implantation of embryo inside womb much similar to natural conception.

How can I Increase my embryo glue success rates in IVF?

Lower your stress level
Quit smoking
Take some supplements on doctor’s advice
Focus on persistence and patience

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