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Onco fertility

New Hope for Cancer Patients

What is OncoFertility?

  • Oncofertility is a subfield that research to explore and expand options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors.
  • Oncofertility bridges oncology and reproductive medicine that works to expand the fertility potential of young people with cancer.
  • Oncofertility was developed to provide cancer patients with the option to take fertility preservation steps prior to and after cancer curing treatments have taken place.

Fertility Options for Men

Established fertility preservation options for men include sperm banking, in which a semen sample is produced, frozen, and stored for future use, and testicular sperm extraction, during which sperm is retrieved directly from the testes through a short surgical procedure and frozen.

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Options for women to have children after cancer have increased significantly in recent years. Women should be counseled on established options such as embryo banking in which hormonal stimulation causes production of multiple eggs, which are removed, fertilized by sperm, and frozen for future use, and egg banking in which hormonal stimulation causes the production of multiple eggs, which are removed and frozen for storage and future use.

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