Fertility Test for Men

Fertility Test for Men

Your doctor and clinic should inspect to analyze your sexual behavior and come out with the suggestion to increase the possibility of having a baby before fertility inspection. There are many couples, in whom no particular reason is detected (infertility was unsolved)

Remember that, infertility test can be costly and often indulges complicates treatments. Some medical treatment might not bear the expense of fertility treatment. In conclusion, there is no surety that even after all Fertility test for males and consultation- — you can get the happiness of parenthood

Tests for men
Well, if Male Infertility is considered then, it needs the testicles generate sufficient healthy sperm. The healthy sperm needs to enter efficiently inside the vagina and reach to the eggs. Tests for Male Infertility conducted to search whether any of these procedures are damaged.

You might have performed general body inspection which includes the inspection of your genitals. The specialized fertility evaluation can include

Imaging- In most cases, imaging evaluation such as transrectal or scrotal ultrasound, brain MRI or a inspection of vasography( vas deferens) might be conducted.
Genetic inspection – genetic impaction performed to identify whether there is a hereditary complications resulting in infertility.

Hormone testing – hormone testing is conducted to detect the level of testosterone and other male hormones. It will be identified by the blood test.
Semen evaluation – your surgeon will test one or more semen sample. Semen is carried out through intercourse and masturbation. It generally ejaculates from the testicle during masturbation and intercourse. A laboratory will examine your semen sample. In few cases, urine might be inspected for availability of sperm.
Testicular biopsy – in some rare case, a testicular biopsy recommend conducting to determine irregularities to infertility or to extract sperm for assisted reproductive treatment such as IVF.
Other specialty testing. In many cases, other tests to determine the quality of the sperm might be conducted such as inspecting a semen sample for DNA defect.

What is a normal sperm count?
In case, the sperm sample is lower than 15 million sperm per ML, then it Is measured as low sperm count. Even if a person has lower than 5 million, it is considered very low. This is called oligospermia in a technical definition. If a male has no sperm and then they are known as azoospermic. This is a surprising fact because semen in such males appears normal, but with the help of microscopic identification, the ailment is identified.

What is normal sperm motility?
The sperm motility is about detecting whether the sperm are moving properly or not. The sperm quality is more valuable than sperm count. As we have already told that capability of sperm moving is called sperm motility. There are two categories of sperm (1) which cam swim (2) which don’t swim. Those sperm which are able to float rapidly towards the egg and fertilize it are useful. Other sperm are no use. This is also one of the factors in Male Infertility Testing process.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), Motility is categorized from A to D

Grade A (Quick Progressive)
Sperms those are capable to swim rapidly towards the egg but in a straight way.

Grade B (Slow Progressive)
Those sperm that swims to the egg but in a crooked or bend line are come in Grade B. It also appear in the form of slow linear and non linear motility/

Grade C (Non Progressive)
Sperms only move their tails, but not able to swim forward (limited motility merely).

Grade D (immotile)
These sperms move their tails, but not able to swim forward (immotile)
Category of Grade C and grade D are measured poor quality if the motility is poor.
The term is called asthenospermia where testis generates poor quality sperm which doesn’t work accurately. It means that these sperm actually seems motile but they might not be capable to fertilize the egg.

The motility should be at least 50%, so that the impotency of male can be treated, but when motility is 20%, then it becomes next to impossible to become a father naturally . There are several men suffering from low sperm count generally ask their surgeon, If a single sperm is needed to fertilize the female egg and if the sperm count is ten million and motility is 20 percent, then it means that they have two million motile sperm, then what is the reason that female can’t be pregnant? But you need to understand the fact that even that an infertile man with low sperm count is often not operationally capable, but the fact is that they cannot fertilize the egg. In short when only 20 percent of sperm has the motility and 80 percent are immotile and most of the sperms are not able to move forward, the operational efficiency of remaining sperms are questionable. You can understand it by a simple example,” If in a showroom 80% of the apparel are outdated and inferior quality, then no consumer will show interest on those remaining 20% of apparel, even when they look of good quality.

What is normal sperm morphology ?
The sperm morphology is about the shape of the sperm.  Generally a good quality sperm should consist the shape of common oval head with a joining middle part and long straight tail. If large amount of sperm has irregular shapes then it is called teratozoospermia. In teratozoospermia, several sperm have shape like absence of tails, dual heads, extremely big heads, tiny heads, round heads. It means that those sperms who don’t have normal shape are incompetent to fertilize egg. While doing Diagnostic Tests for Male Infertility, most of the laboratory utilize Kruger “Strict” guidelines ( Designed in South Africa) for inspecting the sperm regularity. The “perfect” sperms are counted as normal. A general sperm sample must contain minimum 4 percent of normal shape ( that means even if  96 percent abnormal shaped sperm is there, then they are admissible).

Sperm clumping or agglutination
With the help of microscope, it is observed that the sperm attach together with each other in group. This activity damages the motility of sperm and restricts sperms to move forward to the uterus and egg.
In short, one appears for the total count of “Good” sperms in the sample – result of the total count, the increasingly motile sperm and the generally shaped sperm. This provides the gradually motile sperm and the regular shaped sperm count that is a basic catalogue of the fertility capacity of the sperm. Hence, for instance, if a male has a whole count of 40 million sperm ml in which 40 percent are gradually motile and 60 percent are regular shaped then his progressively motile normal sperm count is : 40 X 0.40 X 0.60 = 9.6 million sperm per ml. If the quantity of the ejaculation is 3 ml , then the whole motile sperm count in the whole sample is 9.6 X 3 = 28.8 million sperm.

What does the presence of pus cells in the semen signify ?
If there are a small number of blood cells in the semen are considered normal, but is the quantity of pus cells are in an increased form, then it is known as seminal infection. Unluckily, many labs cannot distinguish between pus cells and sperm precursor cells (these are generally present in the semen). This signifies that men are medicated with antibiotics for a sperm infection that actually doesn’t occur.
Some labs take the help of computer for semen inspection and it is known as CASA (computer assisted semen analysis). However this inspection is considered more authentic as this test is performed objectively by a computer), however there are many dispute about its authenticity. It is because several of the technical information have not been consistent and differ from clinics to clinics.

What if my sperm count is zero ( azoospermia) ?
Some men are unlucky to have zero sperm count. This is known as azoospermia and but it is a total distress as these males has normal sex drive and they can ejaculate in a normal way and their semen seems normal.
If the test reveals that your sperm count is zero, you need to consult laboratory to re-evaluate again. It is necessary to ask lab to inspect 2 successive semen samples, ejaculated within 1 hour difference ((chronological semen investigation). The laboratory also needs to inspect the sample and analyze the pellet for sperm precursors. Some male have infrequent sperm present in the pellet that means they are not actually azoospermic. This is known as cryptozoospermia.
If the analysis determinedly nil, then the next process is to detect the reason for azoospermia. There are 2 chances disruptive azoospermia; and non-disruptive azoospermia. Men with obstructive azoospermia have usual testes that generate standard sperm, but their entryway is obstructed. This generally obstructs at the height of the epididymis, and in these male and the semen quantity is standard, fructose is available, the Ph is alkaline and no sperm precursor’s cells are visible on semen inspection.
Some male have blocked azoospermia due to the nonappearance of vas deference. Their semen quantity is low 0.5 ml or less, the fructose is unenthusiastic and ph is acidic. The inspection can be authenticated by clinical test that shows the absence of vas deferens. If the vas deferens is found in these male, then the analysis is seminal vesicle obstruction

Males who have non disruptive azoospermia have normal entryway, but irregular testicular action and their testis are not capable to create normal sperm. Some of these male might have tiny testes on clinical test. The testicular breakdown might be fractional that means that only some region of the testes generate sperm, but the generation of these sperm is not sufficient to be ejaculated.. Other males might have whole testicular breakdown that means there is zero sperm formation in the whole testes. The single method to distinguish between comprehensive and fractional testicular breakdown is by conducting numerous testicular biopsies to example separate region of the testes and send them for the pathological test.

But what happen when sperm count is determinedly low? In such situation other Fertility test for males are recommended. These tests should search the root cause of the infertility.

What additional tests can be done for a man with an abnormal semen analysis report?
If a man has low sperm count or abnormal semen sample then the additional test might be suggested that includes testis biopsy, blood test and specialized sperm test.

Semen Culture Test
The semen sample is inspected for appearance of bacteria and if it does exist, their compassion to antibiotics is defined. Understanding this test is difficult, because it is easy to detect some bacteria in normal semen samples but the question is that “are these bacteria harmful or not’
Test that evaluate the sperm capability to be successful for fertilization are mentioned below

Testing for acrosomal status
CASA – computer-assisted sperm analysis
HOS test – hypo-osmotic swelling test is perform for the identification of authenticity of the sperm membrane

Sperm DNA Fragmentation
Lab inspections that have come to existence freshly which are sperm DNA Fragmentation assay and Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA). These test are done for the veracity of the DNA present in the sperm nucleus and hence the potential of the sperm to fertilize the egg.

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