Editorial Policy

The aim of India IVF is to serve readers and visitors on the website with valuable information in the field of fertility, pregnancy, birth control, gynecology, IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, Male fertility and associated health sectors. The editorial and Medical team makes sure that India IVF is a trustable and reliable source of information for visitors on the website. The team at India IVF is commited to catering readers with the most reliable, valuable and authentic information. Instead of offering individualized information for all of the readers, India IVF offers complete information on your fertility health in form of our research articles on the website. You need to find appropriate information for your respective case and apply it with the guidance of the doctor. It is recommended that you do not disregard your doctor’s advice only because you have read about a certain aspect on India IVF. The content on India IVF articles and reads is only for informational purpose. Do not take it as an alternative for medical advice.Here are some sections explaining our Content Policies:
Editorial Selection of Original Content created by India IVF

India IVF aims at creating quality content with reference to the below mentioned aspects of content:

Relevance: India IVF aims to create content, which is associated with tips and measures to deal with gynecology and infertility issues of the body. Certain topics covered on the website include health news into infertility, gynecology, ART treatments, IVF, Surrogacy and infertility field of healthcare. Expert advice on different medical treatments is updated from time to time on the website.
Clinic Significance: The reads, articles and content published on the website have got reliable references. Expert reviewed medical journals, health encyclopedias and News articles are only taken into consideration to create useful medical content for readers visiting the website.
Trends: Various health trends are added and updated from time to time to keep readers aware of several aspects of medicine. This comprises of healthy living, newly introduced medications and medical techniques.

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