Advertising Policy

India IVF Clinic presently does not accept advertising on all its platforms – including India IVF Clinic Website. This includes third party websites or companies, which promote their third party banners, links, microsites, and modules as well. The guidelines of the India IVF Clinic advertising policy mentioned below to guide readers and visitors about India IVF Clinic policy. India IVF Clinic refers to the India IVF Clinic website and app as “India IVF Clinic”. The website and app of India IVF Clinic are guided by healthcare professionals which are referred as “India IVF Clinic Professional Properties”.

  • India IVF does not accept any proposals of advertising.
  • India IVF does not accept or showcase any advertisement or product on its platform.
  • India IVF makes sure that no user is misleadon visiting the website for gaining knowledge or information about their respective fertility and pregnancy needs.
  • India IVF does not accept any sponsored advertisements, which can be showcased in front of readers or patients.
  • India IVF agrees that there is a difference between advertising and editorial content and strives constantly to maintain a margin between both as per requirement. India IVF never engages itself to any commercial tie-up regarding such content.
Advertising Policy Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints about any of India IVF policies, then you can contact our team at or via the contact number present on the India IVF contact us page.


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